Worshipping God

In the words of an ancient creed, our fi rst call is to glorify and enjoy God. Worship includes gathering for praise, prayer, learning and affi rmation, but encompasses all of life, and is as much about the unseen and personal sphere as the public. Who we are in the secret place when the door is closed and we are alone with God is as much a part of worship as our life in more public spaces (Matthew 6:6). To worship God therefore is to off er all of our life and to acknowledge that everything comes from God and belongs to God.

O God,
present in times ancient and in times now,
help me to embrace the mystery of your presence
in the worship and prayer I o er.
May my worship and my prayer fl ow
in and through every fi bre of my being,
in and through our gathering together,
in and through the quietness of a secret place
where you call me to come and be alone,
at one, with you.
May my worship and prayer
be an o ering of my own self,
in and through the life I lead.
May my worship and prayer flow
from an ever deepening love and awareness
of all you have blessed me with.
In and with the love of Jesus Christ. Amen.