Growing the Church

Disciples are called to share their faith and belief in God so that others may taste and see. This happens less by intention than by design because disciples are people who know their everlasting need of grace, and share as patients might do with others also in need of a physician. In this sense the growing of the Church is as much about an increase in grace as it is in numbers. The growth is one of becoming mature in Christ (Ephesians 4:13); and yet, because the love of Christ compels us, we cannot but seek to share our hope with others. Growing the Church therefore encompasses both numerical and spiritual growth.

O God,
you call to me to come and taste and
see that you are God.
Be the fl avouring in my life
that I may increase in grace,
gi ed to me by your love.
Be the seasoning in my life
to help me share the goodness
of your love with others.
Be the wisdom in my life
to enable me to sow seeds of faith in others.
Be the inspiration in my life
so I may truly refl ect the call of your Church
out into the wider community.
Be the love in my life
that I may grow ever closer to you
and make you more visible in the world of today.
In and with the love of Jesus Christ. Amen.