Food Bank Update July 2017

The Banc Bwyd Bro Ddyfi Foodbank based in Machynlleth would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of the Dyfi Valley, Advice Mid Wales and in particular the Co-op store in Machynlleth, for their continued support for this worthy cause. Without their help the Foodbank would not be able to operate. The Co-op does deserve a special mention, as a large proportion of the food issued to those in need, is gathered from the basket situated by the exit to the store, where the good people of the Dyfi Valley deposit their donations. At the present time we empty the basket in the Co-op once a week, which coincides with our demands at the moment. This does fluctuates throughout the year, it is important that donations continue throughout the year especially over school holidays

Whilst we all wish there was no need for Foodbanks, the situation is apparent. In 2015 the Foodbank issued 48 emergency packs, in 2016 it increased to 69.

Bro Ddyfi Food Bank exists in Machynlleth for the local population and provides a 3 day emergency food supply for those in immediate need. We cover Machynlleth and also villages in the Dyfi Valley. The Food Bank offers a helpful, confidential and discreet service to all

For more help and information call 07983 715162.