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Christian Aid Week Service 14th May 11.00 am at St. Peter's Church

Christian Aid Week this year will be from 14th to 20th May.

There will be a special service for Christian Aid on 14th May at 11.00 am at St. Peter's Church Machynlleth.

A Christian Aid seven day devotional, including prayers can be viewed online or downloaded by clicking on the image below.

christian aid poster


Thinking about life, meaning and reality.

Does Christianity have anything to say to us in the 21st century?

Do we have anything to say to Christianity?

We somewhat glibly (and delightedly) state that Jesus turns everything in life on its head. Servant-hood becomes the noblest form; we praise, we worship Jesus who rides into Jerusalem; not on a war-horse, but on a donkey! Power is not in the sword, but in opening our arms to allow the sword to pierce us. Waw! Jesus describes it like this:

“The last will be first, and the first last.” (Mt. 20. 16)

Don't sit yourself down at the high end of the table, you might be forced to go and sit at the bottom!

Sounds inspirational, sounds idealistic; but then Jesus gives us a practical demonstration of these principles in action.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a businessman who hires labourers to work in his vineyard.” (Mt. 20. 1 – 16)

Sort of OK; but at the end of the day the owner pays the workers who have worked 12 long, hard hours in the heat of the sun, exactly the same as those who only turned up at the last hour, and worked just 1 hour in the cool of the evening. Help! It might sound like heaven for those who rested in the shade all day, I'm not so sure that those who worked from morning until night would be quite so happy.

How do we respond to these strange sayings of Jesus? Will the kingdom of heaven only be populated by people of infinite patience and forbearance – saints indeed? Perhaps this heaven will be a very sparcely populated place!

Is Jesus the ultimate socialist, - everyone needs enough to live on; or is there some secret spiritual message here? What do you think?

Join us to discuss these issues and others, in the Penrhos Arms Cemaes at 7pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, starting May 18th.


Mothers' Union Coffee Morning Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Poster Bilingual Rainbow


Caffi Church

Caffi Church was held each Sunday night, throughout Lent, and we have
been asked that it will continue.

Therefore Caffi will be held every 1st Sunday night of each month.
Same time and place. St. Peter's at 6pm for refreshments, and then teaching, discussion, praise and prayer. For those of you who have yet to visit the upstairs room at the refurbished St. Peter's there is disabled access. You will find a warm welcome here and a thirst for finding out about the love of God for each of us and the teachings of Jesus. It might be difficult to come into church for the first time and walk up the stairs, but we hope that you will enjoy our evenings together in trying to understand how God affects us today in the world.

Sandra Wheeler


Ardal Gweinidogeath/Ministry Area
Y Cymun Bendigaid Undebol/United Holy Eucharist
Ebrill 30 April
   Eglwys St Pedr Church
Pregethwr Gwadd / Guest Preacher
Y Tra Pharchedig / The Very Reverend Kathy Jones
 Deon Cadeirlan Bangor / Dean of Bangor Cathedral
  yn ddilyn /followed by
Cyfarford Blynyddol Cyffredinol / Annual General Meeting
      Lluniaeth ar gael / Refreshments available

Mae gan bob person lleyg y mae eu henwau ar Rol Etholwyr y Plwyf hawl i siarad a phleidleisio, ac argymhellir hwy yn daer i ddod i’r Cwrdd.

All lay people whose names are on the Electoral Roll of the Parish are entitled to speak and to vote and are strongly urged to attend the meeting.