Ladies Fellowship

February Report.

Muriel opened the meeting with a short service. Apologies were received from Alice, Margaret and Ann.

Muriel read the minutes for January and signed them as correct.

A new member Angela Mason was welcomed, who has recently moved to Corris.

Our St David’s Day celebrations will be at the Plas on the 14th March, Cawl and Pudding at 12:30pm.

Sandra is holding a Cafe Church every Sunday 6pm - 8pm during Lent.

Muriel introduced Dennis Jones who spent his childhood in Llanwchlyn. He spoke about  “Health & Support” having spent a great deal of his childhood in hospital. He now organises concerts for charities and worthy causes. As a thank you for all the help given to his family when he was in hospital in Wrexham and Liverpool, with no transport.

Muriel thanked Dennis, she also thanked the tea hostesses for the tea and biscuits.

March Report.

Members and guests met at the Plas Restaurant for their celebration lunch to mark St David’s Day. Cawl and a choice of sweets were enjoyed by all. Alice thanked the staff for a delicious meal and best wishes were sent to the Reverend Kath for a speedy recovery after her recent operation

Alice Hughes.