Ladies Fellowship - October 2017

St Peter’s Fellowship once again organised a very successful Harvest Supper served in the mezzanine at the Church. Muriel welcomed guests and thanked the members for their hard work, preparing and serving the supper. Reader Sandra Wheeler said Grace, and the usual supper of soup, ham salad, apple pie and cheese and biscuits all washed down with a glass of wine was enjoyed by one and all.

Delightful entertainment was enjoyed with Glain and Tegan’s singing and Ceris on the harp. What wonderful sing and harp playing three very mature talented young ladies. Welsh airs and very sophisticated modern compositions were enjoyed. Muriel thanked them and wished them every success in the future.

A raffle was held, followed by the ladies of the Fellowship sitting down to their Harvest Supper, served by our faithful gentlemen helpers, Ken, Clive and Roger, who were gratefully thanked by Muriel.

Alice Hughes

ladies f 01

ladies f 02