St Peter’s Fellowship held their AGM following a Eucharist service led by Jen Evans. Muriel thanked Jen, she then welcomed members to the meeting. Dorothy Edwards was remembered in our prayers, a very faithful member.

Bronwen proposed return en bloc, which was endorsed by all. They were thanked for their continued support of the Fellowship.

Chairperson - Mrs Muriel Evans.
Secretary - Mrs Alice Hughes.
Treasurer - Mrs Margaret Searson.

It was proposed that £25 be sent to both the Archbishop's Fund and to Christian Aid. £60 was also proposed to be paid to St Peter’s for the hire of the Mezzanine for the meetings throughout the year. Margaret resented the Balance Sheets which were unanimously accepted, this was followed by the Secretaries Report which was signed

Our Harvest Supper will take place on Tuesday 9th September, starting at 6 o’clock upstairs in the mezzanine. The cost is £7 pp and will be for up to 50 people.
And finally, the program foe 2018 - 19 was arranged.

Alice Hughes.