The St Peter’s Ladies Fellowship started over 20 years ago for women who worked during the day and were unable to attend the Mothers’ Union meetings.

Their meetings were also monthly on the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month from September until April. This year meetings have been moved to 1.30 in the afternoons.

Ladies Fellowship members are also very busy in the Parish supporting all events and services. They arrange a very successful Harvest Supper on the 2nd Tuesday of October which is enjoyed by the whole community and help with the arranging of the Christingle Service in January.





December 2014

St Peter’s Fellowship and friends travelled to Abbey Cwm Hir to view the 52 rooms, each decorated with a fully dressed Christmas tree. A lovely start to the Christmas season.

Please note, the Fellowship annual dinner at Maengwyn Cafe will be held on Saturday 10 January at 6:30 pm, not on the 3rd January.

Members are asked to come and help prepare the Christingle oranges at the Parish Office on Saturday 3rd January at 10:00 am for the service on Sunday 4th January.

Thank You 



November 2014

Mrs Muriel Evans welcomed members to the meeting and led a short service, Alice Hughes was the reader. There has been very positive feedback from the Harvest Supper with everyone having enjoyed the evening.

The guest speaker this month was Rab Jones who spoke about the names on our War Memorial in Machynlleth concentrating on those who died in the 1st World War. Research into these men and the part they played in the war was very interesting and is ongoing. The ancestors of many of the men still live in the Machynlleth area. The Rev Kathleen thanked Rab for a very interesting talk and for the reminder that these “names” were young men with lives and families in this town.

The tea hostesses were Dorothy Edwards and Alice Hughes.


October 2014

Our Annual Harvest Supper was held the Bowling Club recently. Muriel Evans the President extended a warm welcome to all, and thanked the members for all their hard work preparing and serving the supper. Especially Margaret Searson who had made all the apple pies. Grace was said by the Rev Kath Rogers. The usual supper was served and enjoyed by all the guests.
Delightful entertainment was provided by Pumsain (Marie, Eleri, Shoned and Shan) who were ablely accompaned by Lydia on the piano. They sang a variety of Welsh songs, all finished off with a good old sing along.
The raffle and the door was manned by our faithful helpers Elfed, Ken and Geraint. The  Rev Kath thanked the entertainers and the Fellowship for their continued support.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th November, when the  speaker will be Mr Rab Jones. He will be speaking about our War Memorial and the soldiers names there on.

This years Fellowship outing is to Abbey Cwm Hir Hall, were we can enjoy the Christmas decorations, it will be on Saturday 15th November leaving the Red Lion at 9:00 am. The Bus is £7 and the Entrance Fee is £13. Those wishing to go will find a  list in Church.







September 2014

The first meeting of the Fellowship was a Holy Communion led by Rev Kath Rogers, the reader’s were Muriel Evans and Margaret Searson. Muriel welcomed members to the meeting and thanked Kathleen and Ken for leading the service. Maureen Hughes and Joan Williams were welcomed as new members.

The A.G.M. Followed, Roberta Williams proposed the Officials stay the same as the previous year.
Sympathy was expressed to Bronwen Jones and Sylvia Williams on the sad loss of Bronwen’s husband and Sylvia’s brother.

Alice Hughes read the Secretaries Report and Margaret Searson presented the Financial Report. Both were signed and accepted. £25 to be donated to the Archbishop’s Fund and Christian Aid with a  further £75 for the hire of the Church Office for our meetings.

Arrangements were made for the Harvest Supper to be held on Tuesday 21 Oct at the Bowling Club.
The programme for 2014/15 was discussed and the tea hostesses arranged.

A .H.


September 2014

The Ladies Fellowship will commence again in September following the summer break. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 2 pm in St Peter’s Church Office. The first on will be on the 9th September, we welcome new members.