Letters from the Diocese



Annwyl ffrindiau,

Hoffwn gymryd y cyfle hwn i ddiolch o galon ichi fel Ardal Weinidogaeth am yr holl anogaeth a chefnogaeth imi yn fy ngweinidogaeth ers imi gael fy’n ordeinio yn Ddiacon Neilltuol yma ym Mro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy. Mae’r weinidogaeth neilltiol hon o wasanaethu Duw, yr eglwys a’r gymuned yn rhoi boddhad aruthrol imi – cael bod allan yn y gymuned yn pontio’r egwlys a’r gymuned. Braint yw cael bod ymhlith pobl yn rhannu cariad Duw gydag eraill, pwy bynnag yr ydynt, ble bynnag y maent a beth bynnag yw eu hanghenion. Anrhydedd o’r mwyaf yw cael bod ochr yn ochr â hwy yn eu hapusrwydd ac yn eu tristwch.

Mae pob agwedd o waith bugeiliol a chael cyflawni fy rôl yn y Cymun Bendigaid yn cadarnahau pam mae Duw wedi fy ngalw i’r ddiaconiaeth neilltuol.

Ar Awst 25ain yn Eglwys St Pedr hyfrydwch o’r mwyaf oedd gweld yr eglwys bron yn llawn pan ddaeth yr Ardal Weinidogaeth at ei gilydd ar gyfer gweinyddiad o’r Cymun Bendigaid i 2019 Oct Nov magazineddathlu diwedd fy nghyfnod hyfforddiant fel curad. Rwy’n hynod o ddiolchgar i’r Parch Miriam am drefnu gwasanaeth mor wefreiddiol ac am y syrpreis o gacen ddathlu arbennig iawn ar ddiwedd y gwasanaeth. Mae’r ‘model’ o Diacon Jen yn cael lle amlwg ar silff yn y gegin!

Hyfrydwch mawr oedd cael cwmni Canon Kath a’r Tad Dominic yn y gwasanaeth ac am eiriau caredig Dominic yn ei bregeth. Hoffwn gydnabod yn ddiolchgar gefnogaeth y ddau a fu mor allweddol yn fy annog i gynnig fy hun i’r ddiaconiaeth ac yna yn ddiweddarach yng nghyfnod fy hyfforddiant - Kath fel fy mheriglor hyfforddi a Dominic yn ei rôl gefnogol yn yr esgobaeth. Yr un yw’r diolch i Parch Miriam am ei chefnogaeth a’i hanogaeth hithau. Hoffwn ddiolch hefyd i Hywel, fy ngŵr, am ei gefnogaeth llwyr a’i holl amynedd!

Wrth edrych ymlaen i barhau i’ch gwasanaethu fel eich Diacon ar y Cyd, hoffwn ddiolch ichi unwaith eto am eich cefnogaeth a’ch cyfeillgarwch.

Gyda chariad a phob bendith, Jen


Dear Friends,

May I take this opportunity of thanking you whole heartedly as a Ministry Area for all your encouragement and support for me in my ministry since my ordination as Distinctive Deacon here in Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy. This distinctive serving ministry gives me immense joy – serving God, the church and the community. Being out in the community as a bridge-builder between the church and the community is very rewarding - being amongst people sharing God’s love and compassion, whoever they are, wherever they are and whatever their needs.2019 Oct Nov magazine2 It’s a huge privilege to be alongside them in their time of happiness and in their time of sadness.

All aspects of pastoral ministry and fulfilling my role in the Eucharist affirms why God has called me to the distinctive diaconate.

August 25th in St Peter’s church was a joyous occasion when the church was almost full as the Ministry Area came together for a united Eucharist to celebrate my end of curacy. I’m most grateful to Rev Miriam for arranging such a moving service for me and for the added surprise of a celebration cake at the end of the service. The ‘model’ of Deacon Jen has pride of place in our kitchen!

It was such a delight to have the company of Canon Kath and Father Dominic with us and for Dominic’s kind words in his sermon. I would like to gratefully acknowledge both for their instrumental role in encouraging me to offer myself for the distinctive diaconate and later during my training period - Kath as my training incumbent and Dominic in his supportive role in the diocese. I also would like to thank Rev Miriam for her continual support and encouragement, and a special thanks to Hywel, my husband, for his full support and much patience!

As I look forward to continue serving you as your Associate Deacon, may I thank you all once again for your support and friendship.

With love and all blessings, Jen


Newsletter and rota October 2019 1

Newsletter and rota October 2019 2


Dear All,
The last time I wrote we were recovering from the effects of snow at the end of a long winter. How things changed! Now the grass is still recovering from the effects of a prolonged drought. At harvest time the roads are burdened with lorries full of straw as farmers try to garner from afar enough to feed their livestock over the coming winter, and our streams and rivers begin to fill again having been dry for too long.

Harvest is a time of thanksgiving, though, so maybe it should be time to count our blessings. Time to give thanks for the beauty of the snow, thanks for all the sunshine, I’m even thankful for the rain sometimes. Time to give thanks for our new Christings, Georgie and Harper; thanks for Elgan, and thanks for Miriam’s imminent return to us; thanks for Clive’s return to health after injury (without  which you would not be reading this!), and thanks for all the hard work the wardens and others have put in over the last few months in the maintenance of our mission and worship – the list could go on and on.

And as the leaves start to turn, perhaps its time to give thanks for our extraordinarily bountiful measure of God’s creation. We really are blessed to live in such a lovely part of the countryside, and should never cease to praise the One from whom we have received it - Praise be to God!

(Revd. Peter Ward)


Dear Friends

As Area Dean, I want to thank everybody who has worked so hard to keep the Ministry Area going during what will be, mercifully, a short interregnum of just over 3 months. From a selfish point of view, Miriam’s appointment will take the responsibility off me because, in an interregnum, a Ministry Area is under the care of the Area Dean. I am sure that, like me’ you are looking forward to welcoming Miriam and her family to live and work among you

I am particularly grateful to Peter and Jen and the Readers for covering so many services and to members of the churches who accepted the fact that they had to travel to another church to worship. The days of every church in a Ministry Area having a service every Sunday are almost gone because of a lack of people to conduct them.

I have enjoyed covering some of your services (especially when Jen has been my ‘pusher’!) and you have always made me very welcome – Thank you. However, I was only able to help because Bro Ystumanner currently have a part-time Associate Vicar, 2 Readers, 2 retired priests and a number of Worship Leaders. Those days are fast disappearing as they found out when Celia and I were out of action after operations (fortunately mine was a minor one and hers was a hip replacement) and Janet Fletcher’s move was to Aberdaron was announced.

All our churches have served their communities faithfully over the years but times have changed dramatically and we have to accept that and move on. Already the Church is totally irrelevant to many in our society.

When I was at St. Peter’s Machynlleth recently, in my sermon I told them about a bridge in Honduras. It was built in the 1930s over the Choluteca River and was designed to stand the worst storms imaginable and it has. In 1998 along came Hurricane Mitch which destroyed over 150 bridges in Honduras but the Choluteca Bridge remained standing and unharmed – a credit to its designers and its builders.

The only problem was that Hurricane Mitch was so violent that it totally changed the course of the river and the bridge was left standing forlornly on the side of the new river course entirely redundant and unnecessary.

Change is an inevitable part of life and those things which we think are permanent, secure and immovable are often sidelined. If we are not careful the Church, of all denominations, will become like the Choluteca Bridge – irrelevant and redundant.

Our churches and chapels have served their communities faithfully over the years but we have to accept that times have changed dramatically and move on.
We need to be positive, accept the changes and say as a previous Secretary General of the United Nations said – ‘For all that has been Thanks, for all that shall be, Yes.’

If we don’t do that as a Church we will in effect be saying ‘Like a mighty army moves the Church of God, brothers we are treading where we have always trod!’ That would be disastrous for the Church and its mission. You have a head start in your Ministry Area with the wonderful dual purpose building that is now St. Peter’s Machynlleth – use it to its full extent, it is a fantastic facility.

Nigel Adams
April 20th 2018

Dear All,

When I last wrote in February I foolishly suggested that winter was over! Ah, well, how wrong can you be? The snow has caused all manner of problems, including some cancelled services, but many stories of people helping one another in adversity have emerged too. I hope you have all managed to stay safe throughout this time.

Hopefully, the worst is now behind us. The grass begins to flush green, the brave spring flowers miraculously raise their heads from the snow, and we find ourselves in the season of new beginnings. As we get ready to welcome Miriam to our area we look forward to her new ministry with us.

Two millennia ago, Jesus’ disciples found themselves at the point of change. After the trauma of the crucifixion and the confusion, joy and hope surrounding the resurrection, the realisation will have dawned that they were going to have to find their own way forward whilst waiting for the promised Holy Spirit. As we celebrate Easter with praise and thanksgiving for what the Lord has done for us, let us respond by using the gifts we have been given to share that joy and hope with friends, neighbours and strangers alike, that we may be recognised as His people by the Love and Joy and Peace which are the distinguishing marks of Jesus in His disciples.

May I wish you all a very Happy Easter.