July 2015

Dear friends,

June saw the passing of the Reverend Dick Staunton in his 90th year and his 50th year as a priest. He would have celebrated his birthday in August and his anniversary in December. Dick was a faithful friend to St Peter’s Church for many years, always willing and eager to help out in any way he could – he celebrated what was to be his last Eucharist at the end of April. He saw many changes during his 50 years as a priest, a great many of them in the last few years. He wasn’t always in favour of them, sometimes very critical of them but he was always willing to give his advice and share his wisdom. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his faithful service to God and his faithful ministry among us.

But as one ministry comes to an end another begins with the ordination of the Reverend Naomi Starkey to the priesthood on the 27th June. The beginning of a new chapter in her ministry. Naomi will be continuing her curacy in the Bro Enlli Ministry Area and we wish her and Daniel every blessing.

In Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy we will continue our ministry to all who live, work and holiday here. As a faith community we will tell the wonderful story – the story too good to keep to ourselves – the story of love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness – the story of Jesus Christ. Even through all the changes that we struggle with, changes we know must take place, we’ll carry on. Why? Because that is the promise we have made. Every time we come together to share the bread and wine, to remember Christ’s sacrifice for us, we promise to share what we have with everyone else. By God’s grace we are one with those who have gone before, those who are starting out and those who are to come.

With every blessing to you and yours