September 2015


Dear Friends,

I do hope you have had a relaxing and refreshing summer despite the not so clement weather. August has been a rather stressful time for the young people awaiting the results of their A Level and GCSE exams – I remember the feeling well even if it was a few years ago! Hearty congratulations to all who have gained the grades they wanted and for those who didn’t – don’t give up, put it behind you and try again. We remember all our young people in our prayers as they each follow their own paths and work toward their own goals. May they be assured of God’s presence in their lives and that His love for them, come what may, will never fail.

You will notice another change to the magazine this month as we continue our own journey to become as one in our Ministry Area. The rota's of readers, sides’ persons and the altar guild for St Peter’s Church, Machynlleth will no longer be printed in the magazine as they have no relevance to the rest of the Ministry Area. Each person on the rota's, however, will be given a list of the dates relevant to them for the year. A list will also be displayed in the porch of St Peter’s and in church.

The magazine is not only a good way of communicating within the Ministry Area but also an excellent means of mission to the wider community. One way of saying we are “alive and kicking” and open to everyone – one way of telling the Gospel story to those who wouldn’t otherwise hear it.

If anyone would like to contribute items for the magazine please contact Mr Clive Thomas.

As summer moves into autumn may you and all whom you cherish feel the power of God’s love.