Kath's Letter - Nov 2015

Dear Friends,

The South Meirionnydd Synod met at Dolgellau during October to discuss the Bishop’s Ministry Fund contribution for 2016. This was a very important meeting – all meetings about money are important – and one that was conducted with patience, support and generosity. That cannot be said about all meetings where money is discussed. Although the total amount to be raised in this Synod remains unchanged from last year - £241,850 – the share for our Ministry Area has gone up from £52,000 to £56, 000. If you would like more information on the Bishop’s Ministry Fund please do contact me or the Revd Roland.

I have become very aware that through all these changes that are taking place in our Diocese and churches we forget those very important people – you who read our magazine are among those people – who are not familiar and often confused about these new structures and names. I set them out very simply for now.

Ministry Area
A group of churches in one area working together as one parish sharing resources and expertise under the leadership of a Team Leader. This group of churches forms the Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy Ministry Area.

Team Leader
Usually an ordained stipendiary priest (the Rector/Vicar as was)

Ministry Team
A group of ordained and lay people working together  to deliver services in each church, children and young people’s ministry, pastoral ministry and other areas of mission and outreach throughout  the Ministry Area.

Ministry Area Council
Representatives from each of the churches in the Ministry Area, with the Ministry Team, responsible for the running of the Ministry Area (the PCC as was). The Ministry Area Council has two Wardens responsible for the singing of cheques, signing official documents, e.g. faculty forms, and sharing information between the churches and the Ministry Leader and vice versa. The Ministry Area also has a Treasurer responsible for the day to day expenses of the Ministry Area. The Ministry Area Council meets four times a year.

A group of Ministry Area representatives including Team Leaders, under the authority of the Archdeacon. They meet together four times a year. In 2016 the membership of the Synods will change to include a broader representation of the Ministry Areas.

South Meirionnydd Synod
Includes Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy,     Bro Arwystli ( Llanidloes group), Bro Cymer (Dolgellau group) and Bro Ystumaner (Tywyn group)

Although these changes, which have come thick and fast, may be confusing and challenging our aim as a church – the body of Christ here in the Dyfi Valley – is the same as it has always been – to spread the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to share God’s abundant love and generosity here in the Dyfi Valley and beyond. We need the support, patience and prayers  of all our parishioners to help us on this journey.

With love and blessings to you and yours

Canon Kathleen