Kath's Letter - Jan 2016

Dear Friends,

Candlemas on February 2nd is an important day in the church year, an exciting day, a day which sees the end of the Christmas season; it’s time for the Shepherds to go back to tending their sheep and time for the Wise Men to make their long journey back home. It is time for us to make our journey towards Easter. The crib has been put away our focus now is on the altar and the cross pointing us towards Easter.

We use the word “journey” a great deal – the idea of our lives being a journey – our spiritual lives being a journey of faith - an unknown journey, a journey of discovery that takes courage and trust and faith. Jesus’ journey led to His death but, more importantly, to His resurrection. We ask Jesus to lead us on our journey towards Easter but where will He lead us? Will it be hard? Will the way be steep? Will we be lonely? Will there be joy?

To all these questions the answer is “yes very likely”. The journey will be hard and, at times, the road will be steep but Jesus has cut the steps into the hillside for us and He will walk each step with us. We will, very likely, be lonely at times but Jesus has promised that He will never leave us. And the Joy? The joy is ours for the taking, if we will listen for His word and recognise it when we hear it.  

There is one unbreakable certainty – God’s love enfolds us through Jesus Christ who walks each step with us drawing us to His final goal – life with Him for ever.

I pray that your journey through Lent to the joys of Easter morning will fill you with hope and peace.

With every blessing to you and yours