Kath's Letter - July 2016

Dear Friends,
After a break of 9 weeks and some frantic cleaning by some very dedicated people we were able to move back into St Peter’s Church on the 5th June. When I arrived at St Peter’s on Tuesday 31st May armed with my mop, bucket, broom, dusters and polish, I was met by what seemed to be a battalion of people each with their own corner of the Church to clean - women, men and builders all mucking in together. It was a site that brought a lump to my throat. Over the following four days a relay of people came to make sure that everything was clean and in working order for 8 o’clock on Sunday morning 5th June. At 11 o’clock we welcomed Gareth and Carian Nicholas, their families and friends for the Baptism of their son Zach Gareth. What a wonderful service to have on our first Sunday back.

The work is not quite finished yet and we are not allowed into the new area at the back of the Church just yet but by the end of the summer all should be in place for the builder to hand the building back to us. We can then start to arrange “open days” for the community to see the new facilities and how they can be used for the community. Plans are also underway for a special service of thanksgiving. Keep a look out for notice of these events that will be coming soon.

I am very grateful to Mr Ken Searson and everyone who worked so hard brushing, washing, polishing and supplying refreshments during those 5 days, it was all done with friendship and laughter. It was all done to the praise and glory of God through Jesus Christ. Our grateful thanks also go to the Tabernacle for accommodating us on Sunday mornings. Thank you all so much.

With every blessing to you and yours

Rev Kathleen