Dear Friends
I hope you have enjoyed the summer, even if the weather has not been what we would have liked. The main topic of our conversation seems to be “the weather” – I am no exception! Then I see the news from various parts of the world – there’s nothing like seeing the stark pictures from some places in the world to stop me in my tracks and make me realise that I have nothing at all to complain about!!

We pray for the people of Texas, parts of Sierra Leon, Japan and South Asia who have all suffered from the catastrophic effects of flooding and landslides; often the poorer communities taking the brunt of it. If you can spare a donation to Christian Aid to help them alleviate just some of the suffering it will be gratefully received.

In October I will be going out to Uganda as part of a group of people from the Diocese to visit schools in villages around the town of Lira in Northern Uganda. The schools are supported by the charity Good Hope Foundation which is supported by our Diocese. The project at present is to provide toilet blocks in the schools. The Foundation also provides education supplies for the schools – pens and pencils, exercise books etc – for the children. There are photographs on our website which will give you a better idea of the schools and the area we will be visiting –

As a part of our contribution towards the school supplies, the collection from the Harvest Thanksgiving service at St Peter’s Church, Machynlleth, on Sunday 24th September will be donated to this
cause. The money will be taken out to Uganda and the items bought there - more for our money and less to carry! I’ll be taking plenty of photos to share with you on my return. Please keep our
party and the people we will be visiting in your prayers.

With every blessing to you and yours