Dear Friends

As many of you will know last month I spent two weeks in Uganda visiting schools which are supported by the Diocese through the Good Hope Foundation. I’d like to share with you some of that experience. I was apprehensive about the trip never having been to Africa before and not knowing what to expect. I needn’t have been concerned. As a group my five fellow travellers and I hit it off straight away and as soon as we landed in Entebbe and arrived at our hotel for the night, I knew this was going to be an experience I would never forget. Following a night’s sleep we set off on a 5 hour journey to Lira where we were to spend the next 9 days. We passed through villages of round houses, people selling their goods on the side of the road, children walking to school, bicycles and motor bikes carrying passengers and mattresses and wood and anything else that needed to be transported – Boda Bodas – taxis to us. Amazing scenes and this was only the
first day.

Over the next nine days we visited four schools where I was able to distribute some equipment for the children and teachers to use, bought by generous donations from the children of the primary campus of Ysgol Bro Hyddgen. The best thing was not the books and crayons though – it was the footballs!!! The welcome we had from the children was amazing with their singing and dancing and happy smiling faces. I was also able to pay for desks for two of the schools and uniforms for the children of one school.

We also visited the Therapeutic Feeding Unit at the hospital in Lira where malnourished children are treated – a very humbling visit. Money donated by the Machynlleth Mothers’ Union and Ladies Fellowship was given to the Paediatrician to help with the care of children and their families during their time at the hospital.

We were all invited to a wedding in one church, where Canon Emlyn Williams officiated at the marriage of Sebastian and Janet. The following day I was privileged to join with over 400 people at two services of Holy Eucharist at St Peter’s Church, Adyel. The first service was at 6am followed by a second at 8am, Canon Robert Townsend preached and I celebrated. What an experience – I have never felt such joy in worship before!!

I have so much to share with you all about my very brief visit to Uganda but there isn’t enough space in our magazine. The greatest thing I take from this visit is the deep seated faith the people have in God. Prayer and thanksgiving to God is at the very heart of their lives. The people we met were very poor and yet the generosity they showed to us and to each other both in material things and the joy and laughter shared with us showed a richness beyond belief. I thank God that I’ve had this opportunity to pray and sing and dance with the people of Lira and beyond and to learn from them what it means to worship God without reservation.

Please hold the people of Lira in your prayers as they hold us in theirs.

Thank you to all who gave so generously to help in the everyday lives of the children, their families, the churches and congregations I was privileged to meet.

With every blessing to you and yours


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