Dear All,
The last time I wrote we were recovering from the effects of snow at the end of a long winter. How things changed! Now the grass is still recovering from the effects of a prolonged drought. At harvest time the roads are burdened with lorries full of straw as farmers try to garner from afar enough to feed their livestock over the coming winter, and our streams and rivers begin to fill again having been dry for too long.

Harvest is a time of thanksgiving, though, so maybe it should be time to count our blessings. Time to give thanks for the beauty of the snow, thanks for all the sunshine, I’m even thankful for the rain sometimes. Time to give thanks for our new Christings, Georgie and Harper; thanks for Elgan, and thanks for Miriam’s imminent return to us; thanks for Clive’s return to health after injury (without  which you would not be reading this!), and thanks for all the hard work the wardens and others have put in over the last few months in the maintenance of our mission and worship – the list could go on and on.

And as the leaves start to turn, perhaps its time to give thanks for our extraordinarily bountiful measure of God’s creation. We really are blessed to live in such a lovely part of the countryside, and should never cease to praise the One from whom we have received it - Praise be to God!

(Revd. Peter Ward)