Letters from the Diocese



Dear friends,

As summer rolls on and we’ve enjoyed and celebrated the achievements of  the Wales Football Team, Andy Murray’s success at Wimbledon, Carnival Days and Fun Days it’s easy to put the troubles in the world around us to the back of our minds. Not forget, because we can not forget the horror of the events in Nice or the look on the faces of the refugees fleeing for their lives. We can never forget, but we can and do focus on good times, on enjoyable times, those times that revitalise and re-energise us to look again at the world and it’s troubles and work out how we can help.

As Christians we continually pray for our brothers and sisters throughout the world, we belong to a huge family centred on God. In the Dyfi Valley we come to church to worship God as we please, free to come and go. In a great many countries that is not the case and during our worship we pray for those who suffer hardship and violence, often at the hands of their own countrymen, because they belong to our family, because they are Christians. We can not even begin to imagine what that means and we struggle to understand the enormity of it. To hopefully help us to understand a little more I have invited a speaker from Barnabas Fund, a charity who help relieve the suffering of these people in some 36 countries of the world. Ruth will be joining us at St Peter’s Church on Sunday 14th August at 10.30am for a service of Morning Prayer during which she will highlight the plight of our brothers and sisters and the work that Barnabas Fund does  to support them. I am not asking you to dip into your pockets again (although the collection from the service will be to Barnabas Fund), but I am asking you to come and hear what Ruth has to say.

The two most important commandments that we have been given is “To love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength”, and “To love your neighbour as yourself” (Luke 10:27). These people are our brothers and sisters in Christ, it is our Christian duty to understand their plight and to support them in any way we can.
With every blessing to you and yours.


Kath's Letter - July 2016

Dear Friends,
After a break of 9 weeks and some frantic cleaning by some very dedicated people we were able to move back into St Peter’s Church on the 5th June. When I arrived at St Peter’s on Tuesday 31st May armed with my mop, bucket, broom, dusters and polish, I was met by what seemed to be a battalion of people each with their own corner of the Church to clean - women, men and builders all mucking in together. It was a site that brought a lump to my throat. Over the following four days a relay of people came to make sure that everything was clean and in working order for 8 o’clock on Sunday morning 5th June. At 11 o’clock we welcomed Gareth and Carian Nicholas, their families and friends for the Baptism of their son Zach Gareth. What a wonderful service to have on our first Sunday back.

The work is not quite finished yet and we are not allowed into the new area at the back of the Church just yet but by the end of the summer all should be in place for the builder to hand the building back to us. We can then start to arrange “open days” for the community to see the new facilities and how they can be used for the community. Plans are also underway for a special service of thanksgiving. Keep a look out for notice of these events that will be coming soon.

I am very grateful to Mr Ken Searson and everyone who worked so hard brushing, washing, polishing and supplying refreshments during those 5 days, it was all done with friendship and laughter. It was all done to the praise and glory of God through Jesus Christ. Our grateful thanks also go to the Tabernacle for accommodating us on Sunday mornings. Thank you all so much.

With every blessing to you and yours

Rev Kathleen

Kath's Letter - April 2016

Dear Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed the blessings of Easter- I did! Easter is my favourite season of the church and the year. This year Spring was in full splendour with daffodils and primroses gracing our gardens and the hedgerows. The lambs basking and prancing in the sunshine. God’s creation in all its glory.

St Peter’s Church on the other hand was looking very bare and empty for our Holy Week and Easter celebrations, but, I’m glad to say, it’s not all doom and gloom – far from it. From Easter Monday we closed St Peter’s to the public so that the Nave and Chancel can be redecorated – a huge task needing very high scaffolding. This work will take about a month so we will, hopefully, be back worshipping at St Peter’s again by the beginning of May. We are very grateful to the Tabernacle Trust for the use of the Tabernacle Auditorium for our Sunday services for the next few Sundays and our Wednesday services will be at the Parish Office. Details of service times are printed in the magazine.

The building work is slowing drawing to a conclusion and we can see things starting to come together. It has been a long haul and there is still a little way to go before we see the finished product but the signs of new life can be seen inside our beautiful church as well as in the fields and hedgerows of the countryside. We can look forward to new, exciting and innovative ways of telling the Good News of Jesus in new and exciting facilities. The doors to our new home will be open very soon and everyone is very welcome to come in. God is good – All the time.

With every blessing to you and yours


Kath's Letter - Jan 2016

Dear Friends,

Candlemas on February 2nd is an important day in the church year, an exciting day, a day which sees the end of the Christmas season; it’s time for the Shepherds to go back to tending their sheep and time for the Wise Men to make their long journey back home. It is time for us to make our journey towards Easter. The crib has been put away our focus now is on the altar and the cross pointing us towards Easter.

We use the word “journey” a great deal – the idea of our lives being a journey – our spiritual lives being a journey of faith - an unknown journey, a journey of discovery that takes courage and trust and faith. Jesus’ journey led to His death but, more importantly, to His resurrection. We ask Jesus to lead us on our journey towards Easter but where will He lead us? Will it be hard? Will the way be steep? Will we be lonely? Will there be joy?

To all these questions the answer is “yes very likely”. The journey will be hard and, at times, the road will be steep but Jesus has cut the steps into the hillside for us and He will walk each step with us. We will, very likely, be lonely at times but Jesus has promised that He will never leave us. And the Joy? The joy is ours for the taking, if we will listen for His word and recognise it when we hear it.  

There is one unbreakable certainty – God’s love enfolds us through Jesus Christ who walks each step with us drawing us to His final goal – life with Him for ever.

I pray that your journey through Lent to the joys of Easter morning will fill you with hope and peace.

With every blessing to you and yours


Kath's Letter - Nov 2015

Dear Friends,

The South Meirionnydd Synod met at Dolgellau during October to discuss the Bishop’s Ministry Fund contribution for 2016. This was a very important meeting – all meetings about money are important – and one that was conducted with patience, support and generosity. That cannot be said about all meetings where money is discussed. Although the total amount to be raised in this Synod remains unchanged from last year - £241,850 – the share for our Ministry Area has gone up from £52,000 to £56, 000. If you would like more information on the Bishop’s Ministry Fund please do contact me or the Revd Roland.

I have become very aware that through all these changes that are taking place in our Diocese and churches we forget those very important people – you who read our magazine are among those people – who are not familiar and often confused about these new structures and names. I set them out very simply for now.

Ministry Area
A group of churches in one area working together as one parish sharing resources and expertise under the leadership of a Team Leader. This group of churches forms the Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy Ministry Area.

Team Leader
Usually an ordained stipendiary priest (the Rector/Vicar as was)

Ministry Team
A group of ordained and lay people working together  to deliver services in each church, children and young people’s ministry, pastoral ministry and other areas of mission and outreach throughout  the Ministry Area.

Ministry Area Council
Representatives from each of the churches in the Ministry Area, with the Ministry Team, responsible for the running of the Ministry Area (the PCC as was). The Ministry Area Council has two Wardens responsible for the singing of cheques, signing official documents, e.g. faculty forms, and sharing information between the churches and the Ministry Leader and vice versa. The Ministry Area also has a Treasurer responsible for the day to day expenses of the Ministry Area. The Ministry Area Council meets four times a year.

A group of Ministry Area representatives including Team Leaders, under the authority of the Archdeacon. They meet together four times a year. In 2016 the membership of the Synods will change to include a broader representation of the Ministry Areas.

South Meirionnydd Synod
Includes Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy,     Bro Arwystli ( Llanidloes group), Bro Cymer (Dolgellau group) and Bro Ystumaner (Tywyn group)

Although these changes, which have come thick and fast, may be confusing and challenging our aim as a church – the body of Christ here in the Dyfi Valley – is the same as it has always been – to spread the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to share God’s abundant love and generosity here in the Dyfi Valley and beyond. We need the support, patience and prayers  of all our parishioners to help us on this journey.

With love and blessings to you and yours

Canon Kathleen