Letters from the Diocese



July 2014

Dear Friends,

I’ve just come home from a lovely morning spent in the company of good friends worshipping together and enjoying a meal together. I have been at Holy Trinity Church, Corris, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Reverend Canon Martin Riley’s priesthood. Bishop Andrew gave thanks for Martin’s dedicated service to the people of our Diocese as a Parish Priest and as a “retired” cleric. Martin has never retired and continues his ministry in Corris and beyond. Next Sunday (29th) we will all be gathering together at St Peter’s to celebrate a new ministry as we welcome our Curate, Naomi Starkey. Naomi will be ordained at our cathedral on Saturday the 28th June, photos and reports will be in the August edition of the magazine.

We give thanks to God for these two people – for Martin as we look back on his 50 years of spreading the Good News; for the countless lives he has touched in God’s name; for the countless people who have heard God’s voice through him. For Naomi as we look forward to the future with renewed hope as she begins a new ministry; as she takes up the story. Martin’s ministry will continue, at a slower pace maybe, as Naomi’s grows over the years to come. I felt very humble in the service today as I looked at Martin and I thought about Naomi and gave thanks to God for calling us to this place of service. “God is good – all the time”

On Sunday afternoon, 27th July we come together again at St Peter’s for another “new beginning” as the Bishop affirms our Ministry Area of Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy, licences the Ministry Team and The Rev Roland and me as team leaders. Please pray for us and support us at the service. 

with love and every blessing to you and yours

Rev Kathleen

June 2014

Dear Friends

There is a change to services in June as you will see from the list with two special occasions to celebrate.

June 22nd there will be a united service at Holy Trinity Church Corris at 10.30am when Bishop Andrew will be present with us. This is to celebrate the Reverend Martin Riley’s 50th anniversary to the priesthood. There will be refreshments served at The Institute in Corris following the service.

CONGRATULATIONS Martin and thank you for your continued ministry among us.

Congratulations also to Martin and Beryl on their Golden Wedding Anniversary on June 6th

June 29th there will be a united service at St Peter’s Church Machynlleth at 10.30am to welcome Naomi Starkey as Curate to the Ministry Area. There will be a Parish Lunch at Plas Dolguog following the service. Each Church Warden will have menu choices to be paid at the latest by the 22nd June with Church Wardens passing list and payments to Ken Searson or Geraint Davies by 24th June. Cost per person £13.00. Please join us for this lunch.

Naomi will be ordained on the 28th June in Bangor Cathedral, all are welcome to this service, please contact Rev. Kathleen or Rev. Roland for further information.

Please hold Naomi in your prayers as she prepares for her ordination and the journey she is about to embark on.

It’s not every day we can celebrate a 50 years Ministry and a brand new one

I sit in sackcloth and ashes! The Bible Study I advertised last month had all the wrong information – I’m blaming a senior moment. It did start on May 14th but every fortnight (not weekly). The dates for June are 11th & 25th at St Peter’s Church (not Parish Office) 11am-12.30pm.


May 2014

Dear Friends,

                      I hope you all had a peaceful and happy Easter. I love Easter! Following the sombreness of Lent and the journey through Holy Week to the foot of the Cross on Good Friday we finally come to Easter Eve and the lighting of the brand new Paschal Candle from the fire outside the church door. Finally we can proclaim “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” And on Easter morning I open the church door to be greeted by the wonderful smell of lilies and all kinds of other spring flowers; new life, new beginnings, happy faces, voices raised in joyful celebration, “He is risen indeed! Alleluia!” I love Easter!

The Easter Vestries have all been held and new officials have been chosen; now we look forward to the formation of our Ministry Area of Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy. The Ministry Area Team, which will be responsible for worship, mission and outreach, has been formed with the Rev John Dale as the Administrator and the Rev Roland Barnes and myself as the Ministry Team leaders. (Member list below) A Ministry Area Council has been formed with members from each of the eight churches in the Ministry Area along with the Ministry Team.  The Council has the responsibility for the administration of the Ministry Area and the first meeting of the Council will be on May 1st when the officials will be elected. There will be a special service at St Peter’s on Sunday the 27th July when the Bishop will issue the necessary licenses and affirm the Ministry Area.
As you will appreciate we are going into uncharted territory and there is still a great deal of work to be done but I will keep you updated as things change and develop.

One important and exciting development I can share with you is the appointment of a Curate to the Ministry Area. Mrs Naomi Starkey will be ordained Deacon in June and will serve her curacy with us here in the Dyfi Valley. We look forward to her joining us and I ask you to pray for her as she prepares for her ordination.

With love and blessings to you and yours


March 2014

Dear friends,

The theme of the Diocesan Retreat in February was “Icons, Images and Prayer”. The Retreat Director, the Revd Christopher Perrins, led us through the art of painting Icons from the very particular way the wood is prepared, the special materials needed in the preparation, to the different paints used. Icons are one form of worship in that they are created through contemplation on a passage from the Holy Scriptures, prayer on that passage and from these the release of the creative instincts of the painter.

Rublev’s well known Icon depicting the meeting of Abraham with the angels (Genesis 18) also seen as representing the Holy Trinity, has inspired many over the centuries and has helped countless Christians to engage prayerfully with God. During our mid-week Lent services we will have time to reflect on this Icon as we come together to discern God’s call and presence in our lives. We all come to God, pray to God in a variety of ways and the presence of the icon in our services may be helpful or not, that is up to each individual, but I encourage you, as does Bishop Andrew, to devote more time to prayer this Lent and join us on Thursday evenings at St Peter’s at 6pm.

The Bishop encourages us to become “a praying people and Diocese”

“May we use this time to seek out God’s prayer within us to hear God’s voice speak to us, and perhaps discern within us a calling to a particular ministry or other means of exercising our gifts within the church”

With every blessing to you and yours

Revd Kathleen      


February 2014

Dear Friends,

You may well have heard, through the press or from other church members, that St Peter’s has been successful in their application for a grant from the Big Lottery; the sum of £250,000 has been awarded. This money will go towards the re-ordering of the back of the Church and can only be used for that purpose. This whole project has been in the planning stage for a number of years now and I’m sure most of you will have seen the plans, or at least have heard of them. This grant along with funds kept for this purpose over the years and other smaller grants means that we are now in the position to put the work out for tender with a view to seeing work begin in the very near future. We are all very much aware of the substantial amount of money needed to complete this project but it is money that must be spent in order to modernise the building for the 21st century and to enhance the renewal and mission needs of Machynlleth which must be uppermost in our minds.

Having given this exciting news, it may seem a little strange to you now, as you read on, that I am asking all parishioners to seriously consider increasing their weekly contribution to Church funds. The running costs for St Peter’s are substantial – the Parish Share alone for this year is £25226 – with insurance, electricity, church expenses and ministerial expenses etc it costs, on average, £3164 per month to keep the doors of our much loved church open. Without the considerable efforts of some Church members at fundraising the weekly offerings would not be sufficient to cover the costs. I do appreciate that we are all struggling to make ends meet but even the smallest increase in your giving would help enormously. The Gift Aid Scheme is available for those who pay tax and benefits the church by giving an extra 25p for every pound given.
Our work to bring in God’s kingdom in these parishes will continue but we need your help both, financially and practically, to do it better.

With every blessing to you and yours

Rev’d Kathleen