March 2012 Newsletter

Where does the money from the RELIEF FUND go?

South Sudan

In December 2011 and early January 2012, Mothers' Union received Relief Fund requests from four dioceses in South Sudan.

In Juba diocese, a huge number of people are returning home from North Sudan, fleeing through fear of how they might be treated in the north following the split of the country in July 2011. Local statistics indicated that at the end of 2011 over 500 people were arriving in Juba each day, putting immense pressure on land and resources. Mothers' Union identified 200 households they could help in the short term, with items of food and medication.

Lainya and Rumbek dioceses were both affected by conflict at the end of 2011 leading to mass displacement. In Rumbek, one eye witness said:

"the raiders passed through one of the villages and they started to kill people and around 15 houses were destroyed by looting them and burnt them down. In the morning...soldiers still moved in the bushes looking for whoever tried to follow the raiders and the situation was getting more tense and worse and worse for four days".

Mothers' Union in Lainya and Rumbek dioceses aimed to reach 9,500 people in total through their relief projects.

In Cuiebet, floods caused by heavy rainfall led to a massive loss of homes, crops and livestock and potential outbreaks of disease. The Bishop of Cuiebet diocese described the situation in Pakam :

”water covered rural villages in the county - many houses were demolished and many families were displaced and the county commissioner declared over the state radio that his county had been overrun by the floods. So displaced families came with their children to the roadside to stay there for their survival and the same road had become a grazing land for cow and goats".

Women and children were identified as being those most vulnerable and with this in mind, Mothers' Union in Cuiebet wished to support 3,490 displaced people with food items, tools, plastic sheeting and utensils.

Grants were agreed from the Relief Fund to support the Mothers' Union relief work in these four dioceses.