October 2015

The meeting on 15th October was attended by 9 members. The Enrolling Member conducted the service and the lesson was read by Mrs. Beth Bastock.

Mrs. Margaret Hughes was congratulated on reaching her 70th birthday recently, and she brought a cake to celebrate.

Several members have suffered poor health recently and they were wished a speedy recovery.

The money collected for Diocesan President- Mrs. Carol Cooper has been forwarded to the Diocesan Treasurer.

Joyce and Angela will be taking part in the service at the Cathedral on 4th Nov.

On 25th Nov. a " Wave of Prayer " service will be held in St. Peter's at 10.00 am.

The Autumn Council will take place in the Diocesan Centre in Bangor on 21st Nov. At the Trustees Meeting in Criccieth, Mrs. Carol Cooper attended along with the new President - Mrs. Jenny Lane, whose husband has accepted the post of Diocesan Treasurer, and Mrs. Bev. Julian will be the new Chief Executive.

The 140 yrs celebration will not now be in Newport, but arrangements are in hand for a service in Brecon Cathedral.

The General Meeting will be in Winchester next year.

The guest speaker was Mrs. Jane Hibbert, who was born and raised in Paris to a French mother and English father. During school holidays they would spend time with her mother's family near Bordeaux. In the summer of 1940, Jane remained in Bordeaux while her parents returned to Paris, but they had to flee at dawn on June 11th, the day before the Germans invaded. It took them 12hrs to travel 6miles, but they were re-united with Jane on June 14th. Her father befriended an employee of Barclays Bank, who had been advised to close his branch in Marseille and return to the UK  asap. He procured berths for himself and Jane's family on the Arandora Star- a luxury cruise liner, now commandeered to transport refugees to the U.K. Bordeaux was bombed on June 19th. They left on the 24th June and arrived in Liverpool on the 27th June 1940. Among the 3000 passengers were the King of Albania and his wife. On it's next voyage, transporting "aliens" ( i.e Germans and Italians ) to Canada, the Arandora Star was sunk by a u-boat off the coast of Ireland.

Jane was warmly thanked by Mrs. Beth Bastock.

The tea hostesses were Mrs. Dorothy Edwards and Mrs. Marilyn Jones.

Please bring your completed questionnaires to the next meeting which is on Nov. 19th, when the speaker will be Mrs. Margaret Hughes.