January 2016

The first meeting of 2016 took place in the Parish Office on Jan. 21st, attended by 12 members. The service was led by the Enrolling Member and the Rev. Canon Kathleen read the lesson.

Copies of the annual Balance Sheet were distributed by the Treasurer and accepted by all present.

The Secretary read a letter from the new Diocesan President, Mrs. Jenny Lane, outlining her plans for the year , and another from Mrs. Joanne Gower, thanking Branch members for their support of M.U. enterprises.

The enrolling member of our Link Branch- Upper Severn, Mrs. Sheila Hodgkins, has stood down due to ill health. Her replacement is Mrs. Chiplin.

The guest speaker was Mrs. Elize Payne, who described her experiences in Germany after the war, as the child of an Army family. She was originally from Cardiff, and remembers the docks being bombed.

In October 1945, the family was sent to Hanover. As the schools were in ruins, lessons were taken in a neighbour's front room. They later transferred to Minden, where she attended a proper school, with lessons given by Army personnel.

When she was eleven, she and approx. 400 other children were sent by train to a boarding school near the Danish border. It had previously been used as a training college for the German Navy and submariners, so the facilities were superb, including a swimming pool and theatre/cinema. She was there for six years.

Every year the former pupils have a re-union in London and she arranges one annually for the Welsh ex-pupils at Plas Dolguog.

Mrs. Payne was thanked by Mrs. Joyce Price. She also thanked Jocelyn and a friend of Margaret Searson for donating beautiful knitted children's clothes.

The tea hostesses were Mrs. Ann Armstrong and Mrs. Gwenda Price.

The next meeting is on February 18th when the speaker will be Heather Taylor.              

Margaret Hughes.