Mothers' Union - January 2017

Sixteen members and friends attended the first meeting of 2017 on Jan.19th. The service was led by Enrolling Member- Mrs. Joyce Price, and Mrs. Ann Armstrong read the lesson.

Joyce welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially two visitors from Kerry, nr Newtown ( relatives of the speaker) and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Copies of the Balance Sheet were distributed and approved. We were informed that Mrs. Roberta Williams is now back home in Penegoes, and Mrs. Doreen Ellis is making progress in the Twymyn.

Sandra will be holding a Cafe Church on Sunday evenings during Lent, and offers of help would be greatly appreciated.

A ' Coffee and Pancake' morning will be held in the Mezzanine Room on Shrove Tuesday, 28th Feb.- 10.00 am to 12.00pm. Proceeds towards M.U funds. Joanne will have a stall and notebooks with the Prayer Banner on will be available- price £1-20. Anyone wishing to help on this morning, please see Joyce.

A Lady Day Eucharist and Golden Wedding celebration will be held at St. Peter's on Sat. 25th March at 10.00 am. Everyone is welcome to join us.

The speaker was Mrs. Margaret Hughes, who described the lives of her grandfather's three cousins- Edward, Myfanwy and William Rowlands, as missionaries in China at the beginning of the 20th century. Edward was based in Wuchang(now part of Wuhan) ; Myfanwy was headmistress of the Girls' Mission School in Peking(now Beiijing)before her marriage, and thereafter served in Tsangchow(now Cangzhou) but the climate affected her health and she died on the voyage home in 1935, and was buried at sea near the Gulf of Aden, aged 55. William served in Siaochang( now Zaozhuang) 70 miles south of Tsangchow. All three were married in China, and Edward and William and their wives were interned by the Japanese during the Second World War. Afterwards, Edward settled in Essex, but William returned to China in 1947,but had to leave in 1950, following the Communist takeover. After a short period as a pastor in Iden Green, Kent , he and his wife emigrated to Tasmania, where his children were already settled. His one remaining daughter now lives in Sydney, Australia, aged 96. She gave Margaret a copy of the diary written by Edward during his internment, which she was able to present to his grandson, Dylan Rowlands, now living in Dolgellau.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Beryl Riley, and the tea hostesses were Mrs. Gwenda Price and Mrs. Ann Armstrong.

The next meeting is on Feb.16th.