Mothers' Union - April 2017

Seventeen members and friends attended the meeting on Thursday 20th April. Mrs. Joyce Price led the service and Mrs. Jocelyn Seagrave read the lesson.

Mrs. Price thanked the Rev. Kathleen for the Lady Day service, and all those who helped with the 50th anniversary celebrations for Ken and Margaret afterwards. A coffee  morning and Rainbow Sale will be held at St. Peter's on May 3rd, followed by light lunches. Offers of help would be appreciated. The Cafe Church will resume on the 1st Sunday of the month from May 7th.

Rev. Roland Barnes introduced the guest speaker - Dr. Bob Friedrich, originally from Boston, USA, but now undertaking studies into dementia at Bangor University.

In 1906, Alois Alzheimer first detected the disease named after him. It is not a mental illness, but a disease and although not exclusively found in older people, age is clearly a factor. 45,000 people in Wales alone have been diagnosed with the disease, but the UK is far ahead of other countries in dementia awareness. Dr. Friedrich described ways to raise awareness and become a more dementia- friendly church.

He was thanked by Rev. Roland Barnes, who explained that the Dyfi Valley has been designated a dementia-friendly area. A steering group has been set up, working with the Alzheimer's Society, CAMAD and PAVO.

The tea hostesses were Mrs. Margaret Searson and Mrs. Jocelyn Seagrave. Our final meeting for this session will be on Thurs
18th May.                 

Margaret Hughes.