The Mothers’ Union has been active in the Parish for many years and continue to meet at St Peter’s on the 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month from September until April. Meetings start at 2pm with a short service, followed by a visiting speaker and end with tea and biscuits and a chance for a chat. New members are very warmly welcomed.

Members are very busy in the parish supporting all events in church – they make the best refreshments in the Diocese!!


If you want to see more about the Mothers Union you can visit or you can follow Bangor Diocese Mothers' Union on Twitter and Facebook.





Mothers' Union Prayer Pilgrimage

The Mothers' Union is hosting a Prayer Pilgrimage on Thursday July 13th, visiting Corris, Llanwrin and Darowen Churches in the morning. A service of Holy Eucharist will then take place in St. Peter's at 2.00pm, when we will be joined by other MU members from the Diocese. This will be followed by tea and refreshments. Please inform Joyce as soon as possible if you wish to attend. Those attending are asked to bring a picnic lunch which will be eaten at Darowen church.         

Margaret Hughes.


Mothers' Union - May 2017

The Enrolling Member, Mrs. Joyce Price, welcomed fourteen members and friends to the meeting on 18th May, and led the service. Mrs. Margaret Searson read the lesson.

The Rainbow Sale and Coffee Morning realised £251-75p for MU Diocesan Funds, and everyone was thanked for their help and support.

Our Diocesan Treasurer, Mr. Peter Lane, is now home following a double heart bypass in Liverpool. A letter of thanks for our prayers and support from his wife, Jenny, our President, was read out.

The secretary also read a letter thanking us for our donation to 'Make a Mother's Day.'

It was a problem finding collectors for Christian Aid this year, so envelopes are available in church if you wish to donate. Notepads with the Prayer Banner on are still available at £1-20 each.

The General Meeting is in Edinburgh this year on 29th and 30th September. Please let Joyce know ASAP if you wish to attend. Unfortunately, Porthmadog branch has canceled the visit on June 7th.

The rest of the meeting was a tea party to celebrate the special birthdays during the Summer of Mary and Pauline(90), Joyce and Eileen(80) and Sandra(70).Mrs. Margaret Searson prepared the tea and made the cake and was thanked by Joyce. She also thanked the officials and all members and friends for their continued support and wished everyone a happy Summer Break.

The next meeting is on September 21st. Please remember your Overseas Boxes.   

Margeret Hughes.


Mothers' Union - April 2017

Seventeen members and friends attended the meeting on Thursday 20th April. Mrs. Joyce Price led the service and Mrs. Jocelyn Seagrave read the lesson.

Mrs. Price thanked the Rev. Kathleen for the Lady Day service, and all those who helped with the 50th anniversary celebrations for Ken and Margaret afterwards. A coffee  morning and Rainbow Sale will be held at St. Peter's on May 3rd, followed by light lunches. Offers of help would be appreciated. The Cafe Church will resume on the 1st Sunday of the month from May 7th.

Rev. Roland Barnes introduced the guest speaker - Dr. Bob Friedrich, originally from Boston, USA, but now undertaking studies into dementia at Bangor University.

In 1906, Alois Alzheimer first detected the disease named after him. It is not a mental illness, but a disease and although not exclusively found in older people, age is clearly a factor. 45,000 people in Wales alone have been diagnosed with the disease, but the UK is far ahead of other countries in dementia awareness. Dr. Friedrich described ways to raise awareness and become a more dementia- friendly church.

He was thanked by Rev. Roland Barnes, who explained that the Dyfi Valley has been designated a dementia-friendly area. A steering group has been set up, working with the Alzheimer's Society, CAMAD and PAVO.

The tea hostesses were Mrs. Margaret Searson and Mrs. Jocelyn Seagrave. Our final meeting for this session will be on Thurs
18th May.                 

Margaret Hughes.


Mothers' Union Coffee Morning Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Poster Bilingual Rainbow


Mothers' Union - March 2017

The Enrolling Member, Mrs. Joyce Price, paid tribute to a very faithful member- Mrs. Doreen Ellis, who passed away earlier in the week, aged 90. Prayers were said, and a moment's silence observed in her memory. Best wishes were sent to Mrs. Ann Armstrong, who is now home from hospital.

The ' Coffee and Pancake morning was a great success, realizing £191 for M.U.funds, and thanks are due to all who helped in any way, and those who supported this new venture.
The speaker was the Rev. Jon Price, who hails from Cardiganshire, but is now a Pioneer Minister in the Bro Arwystli area. He will be ordained in Bangor on June 24th. He explained that Lent is a time when we are called to reflect on our relationship with God. Giving up something for Lent should bring you closer to God. Sometimes it is hard to hear God's voice amongst the everyday noise of our busy lives. That is why a 'Retreat' or quiet time is so important. It's a chance to recharge spiritual batteries and listen to God.

The vote of thanks was given by Rev. Roland Barnes, and the tea hostesses were Mrs. Sandra Wheeler and Mrs. Joyce Price.

The next meeting is on April 20th.


Mothers' Union - January 2017

Sixteen members and friends attended the first meeting of 2017 on Jan.19th. The service was led by Enrolling Member- Mrs. Joyce Price, and Mrs. Ann Armstrong read the lesson.

Joyce welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially two visitors from Kerry, nr Newtown ( relatives of the speaker) and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Copies of the Balance Sheet were distributed and approved. We were informed that Mrs. Roberta Williams is now back home in Penegoes, and Mrs. Doreen Ellis is making progress in the Twymyn.

Sandra will be holding a Cafe Church on Sunday evenings during Lent, and offers of help would be greatly appreciated.

A ' Coffee and Pancake' morning will be held in the Mezzanine Room on Shrove Tuesday, 28th Feb.- 10.00 am to 12.00pm. Proceeds towards M.U funds. Joanne will have a stall and notebooks with the Prayer Banner on will be available- price £1-20. Anyone wishing to help on this morning, please see Joyce.

A Lady Day Eucharist and Golden Wedding celebration will be held at St. Peter's on Sat. 25th March at 10.00 am. Everyone is welcome to join us.

The speaker was Mrs. Margaret Hughes, who described the lives of her grandfather's three cousins- Edward, Myfanwy and William Rowlands, as missionaries in China at the beginning of the 20th century. Edward was based in Wuchang(now part of Wuhan) ; Myfanwy was headmistress of the Girls' Mission School in Peking(now Beiijing)before her marriage, and thereafter served in Tsangchow(now Cangzhou) but the climate affected her health and she died on the voyage home in 1935, and was buried at sea near the Gulf of Aden, aged 55. William served in Siaochang( now Zaozhuang) 70 miles south of Tsangchow. All three were married in China, and Edward and William and their wives were interned by the Japanese during the Second World War. Afterwards, Edward settled in Essex, but William returned to China in 1947,but had to leave in 1950, following the Communist takeover. After a short period as a pastor in Iden Green, Kent , he and his wife emigrated to Tasmania, where his children were already settled. His one remaining daughter now lives in Sydney, Australia, aged 96. She gave Margaret a copy of the diary written by Edward during his internment, which she was able to present to his grandson, Dylan Rowlands, now living in Dolgellau.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Beryl Riley, and the tea hostesses were Mrs. Gwenda Price and Mrs. Ann Armstrong.

The next meeting is on Feb.16th.


Mothers' Union - December 2016

On Friday Dec .2nd, members, friends and family gathered in the Mezzanine room for a surprise party to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of our members- Mrs. Doreen Ellis. The party had been arranged by members of her family, and her son Hefin, thanked everyone for coming and for their friendship towards his mother. We are very sorry to learn that Doreen has since fallen and sustained fractures, and unfortunately had to spend Christmas in hospital. We send her our very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

On Thursday Dec. 15th, members of Corris M.U and the Ladies' Fellowship joined us at St. Peter's for our annual carol service, prepared and led by the Rev. Canon Kathleen. Three new members were inducted into M.U - Liz and Roland into the Machynlleth branch and Rachel into Corris. The service contained a mime with a seasonal message, ably performed by Joyce and Sandra, and the organist was Mrs. Margaret Hughes. After the service,19 members and friends proceeded to the Riverside Hotel, Pennal for Christmas Lunch. Joyce welcomed everyone, particularly the new members, and invited the Rev. Roland Barnes to say grace. After a delicious lunch, the enrolling member gave a vote of thanks to the hotel staff. She then gave a brief resume of a very busy year, and thanked everyone for their support, particularly the officials, and the Rev. Kathleen for preparing the service, and also everyone who donated raffle prizes.

Mrs. Muriel Evans, on behalf of the Fellowship, thanked M.U for their invitation to the service and lunch, and Rev. Kathleen thanked Joyce for her hard work for M.U and for the support given by the branch to her and St. Peter's. Joyce then wished everyone a very Happy Christmas .

The next meeting is on Jan19th in St. Peter's, when Mrs. Margaret Hughes will speak about her grandfather's three cousins who were missionaries in China at the beginning of the 20th century, and also about her recent trip to China.          

Margaret Hughes.