St. Peter's Fun Day

Face painting, bouncy castles, food and lots of fun arrived at Plas Machynlleth today. Yes it was St. Peter's Church Fun Day again. Even the drizzling rain couldn't put people off from having fun. As you can see from the pictures, only one person didn't want to get wet and that was becasue she didn't want her newly painted face washed off.

Many thanks to everyone who helped organise the day and also to everyone who attended.

Pictures are courtesy of Rev. Canon Kath Rogers.

tn 20160811 114555

I'll get that rat next time.


tn 20160811 114603

Maybe next time...


tn 20160811 114752

I think one us is the wrong way up.


tn 20160811 114758

I'm glad it was a soft landing.


tn 20160811 114909

The story trail.


tn 20160811 114911

Smile for the camera.


tn 20160811 114958

I'm waiting patiently.


tn 20160811 115009

Is it nearly my turn?


tn 20160811 115030

tn 20160811 120325

Rapping in the rain.


tn Publication1

I've got the next ball ready for you.


tn Publication2

Let's see, that's 1, 2, 3...


tn Publication3

The Mothers' Union


tn Publication4

Slate Painting and Brass Rubbing.


tn Publication5

A well desrerved bite to eat.


tn Publication6

I don't want my face to wash off!


tn Publication7

It's a gooooaaaaaal. Oh he saved it!