Reading the Biblesandra wheeler2

I get ‘light bulb’ moments when reading the Bible- ‘I hadn’t thought of it that way, or, I hadn’t related it to that.’  It’s just like when new artefacts or writings are found to support the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.  That is why my calling is to be a licensed Reader.

I enjoy reading the Bible but all the more I love the challenge to explain that through the Bible we can learn of how God has remained faithful to the human race however much we revile Him. His love is there for each and every one of us and we don’t have to earn it, His love is a gift.

It is three years since my calling to be a licensed Reader, and over the last year I have spent on pastoral placement in Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy.

 I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm welcome.

However much we may want life and that in the Church to remain the same – it doesn’t. Refurbishing of St. Peter’s, changes to Llanwrin, reroofing of Cemaes - in all this, we the people of God are called to take His love out into the world.

Our task is to continue to build our church by worshipping together, by supporting our Ministry Area financially and by coming together to learn, eat and laugh together as well as sharing the sadder and perhaps more reflective parts of our lives. By doing this we will gain the confidence and strength with and from one another, enabling us to show God’s love to the world.

June 24th is a very special day for me – it is not only a recognition of 3 years of academic and pastoral work but it gives me the license to minister to each one of you within the church community and to the wider community of Bro Cyfeiliog a Mawddwy.  I am sure that the Holy Spirit is moving within the church. As the people of God, we have Christ’s example to follow.
Come and celebrate with us on the 24th June in Bangor Cathedral at 3pm – a coach is being organised [ See Ken to book and pay for a place] On the 25th there will be a Celebratory Eucharist at St. Peter’s.

Some of my friends will be able to share with us on the 25th and I look forward to seeing you all at St. Peter’s. God willing my Reader ministry will remain in this Ministry Area – please come and support me.  

Wishing you every blessing.