It’s hard to be a Christian
by Pat Williams from Corris

My second job in Australia was as the typist in the ‘Repair and Service’ office in the hanger at Melbourne Airport. When the office manager left, a man named Rex was placed as manager. As he knew nothing about the running of the office, he asked me to help him. Everything in the office went smoothly, but in time Rex had to leave due to ill-health. I applied for the position of office manager, pointing out that I had taught Rex his job. I was told that as I was female, I was not able to hold a managerial position.

Frank then became the office manager. It was obvious that he had been told that he was not to give me any information nor to ask me any questions. When I did enquire about a new procedure, he told me that I did not need to know the details. He also told me that he was paid to tell me what do do and that I was paid to do as he told me.

A short time later Frank told me the incorrect way to fill in a certain form. I knew if was wrong, due to my several years’ experience, but I filled in the form as Frank ordered.

A couple of days later, the Manager of the Department arrived on the scene; he was very angry that the form was incorrectly filled in. Frank was not leased when I told him that I had known that the form was incorrect when I typed it. When he asked me why I had typed it incorrectly, I said that I was paid to do as he told me, and he was paid to tell me what to do.

I am ashamed to say that it was a long time before I realised I had broken two commandments: I had not loved my neighbour as myself, and I had stolen time and materials from my employer.

Yes, it’s hard to be a Christian.