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Confirmation Service

A joyous day at St Peter’s with 8 young people been confirmed by Bishop Andy and the Rev Kath’s last Sunday service at St Peter’s, a sad occasion, with a lot of mixed emotions.





New Beginnings.

We are at the beginning of a new year and, as is so often the case, it will bring new beginnings for us as individuals and for your Ministry Area. Roland is moving to a new post and Kath is retiring. Martin Riley, who was ‘allegedly retired’ anyway, has moved to be nearer his son and his family near Bangor. We wish all of them and their families well.

As your Ministry Area is ‘under my care’ during the interregnum, I have consulted with the clergy, Readers and other leaders and we have produced a rota until the end of April 2018.

With 3 priests less, it is obviously impossible to maintain the current service pattern as there will only be one (Peter Ward) and he also has a full-time job. I ask you to be understanding about this and accept the fact that attending worship will sometimes involve travelling to another church and/or having combined services. This will have to continue until a new Team Leader is in post when the situation will be reviewed again by that person and the Ministry Team depending on what ‘people resources’ are available.

I fully appreciate that changes are not usually popular but very often they are forced on us by circumstances and we have to adapt, as is the case here. Please support your clergy, Readers and Churchwardens as they look after the Ministry Area during the vacancy and remember the words of Dag Hammerskold – a former Secretary of the United Nations – which I think are very relevant to the situation your Ministry Area is currently in. He said:

‘For all that has been, Thanks, for all that shall be Yes!’

Nigel Adams

Area Dean of South Meirionnydd


Corris Christigle

Christingle service at Holy Trinity Church Corris. Lovely day making Christingles at Ysgol Dyffryn Dulas and coming together to sing carols.

Thank you children and teachers.

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tingle 20171214 151537


Llanwrin Advent Carol Service

Children from Ysgol Glantwymyn with their lanterns singing carols at Llanwrin Church for the Annual Advent Carol Service.

Plant Ysgol Glantwymyn gydau canhwyllau yn canu carolau yn Eglwys Llanwrin at ddechrau'r Gwasanaeth Carolau Advent.
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tn 20171203 171120
tn 20171203 172203
Paned a cacen  ar ol y gwasanaeth. Diolch Lillian a Sian.
Tea and cake after the service - thank you Lillian and Sian
tn 20171203 182505

Cawl a Chlonc 9/11/17

Cynhaliwyd sesiwn tra arbennig yn St Pedr yn ddiweddar pan wahoddwyd rhieni ifanc a’u plant bach atom dros ginio ysgafn.
Braf iawn oedd gweld yr hen a’r ifanc yn mwynhau cwmni ei gilydd. Gobeithiwn ddatblygu ‘r berthynas hyfryd yma mewn sesiynau pellach.

A very special session was recently held when young parents and their babies/ toddlers were invited to join us for a light lunch. It was delightful to see the young and old enjoying each other’s company. We hope to develop this wonderful relationship in future sessions.


The Pastoral Team
gratefully acknowledges
the support of
D W Simmons
(market street stall )
‘Cawl a Chlonc’

for the generous supply of fruit and vegetables


Mae’r Tîm Bugeiliol
yn cydnabod yn ddiolchgar gefnogaeth
D W Simmons
‘Cawl a Chlonc’

am y cyflenwad hael o lysiau a ffrwythau

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cac3 cac 4