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Letter from Rev'd. Kathleen

Dear Friends

I have been at a crossroads in my life for some months now and have struggled as to which road to take, but after a great deal of prayer and conversations with Archdeacon Andrew and the Bishop I have made my decision. I have written to the Bishop to tell him of my intention to retire at the end of January 2018 and he has accepted my decision. It has been my privilege to minister among you all and to work alongside you during some challenging times and a great many happy times and we still have another four months in which to keep making a difference in the Ministry Area. Thank you for your love and support.

With every blessing to you and yours



Corris Open Day - Update

We had a wonderful open day which was blessed with lovely weather.

After a lot of hard work by all involved giving the church a much needed ‘makeover' it was lovely to share the day by opening the church to old and new visitors.

It was also lovely that some of the children recognised Beth & Joanne from going into Corris school where we do ‘Open the Book’ and act out stories from the Bible. This is led by Rev Roland and we are joined by the rest of the team Rachel, Jo & Caroline.

We had stalls, raffles, competitions, outside games and served refreshments which resulted in takings/donations of over £200.

We would like to say a big thank you to all who visited and supported us. With special thanks to Mark from the Carpet Centre in Machynlleth who very generously donated a large piece of carpet
that fitted the main area at the back of the church. It has made such a difference to our makeover. Also Adam & Andy in the local cafe/shop for a raffle donation and directing people our way on the day.

We look forward to hosting a Ministry Area United Service at the end of October.

corris 3

corris 4


Llanwrin BBQ

BBQ in the rain at Llanwrin. Thank you to all who turned out in the rain.

The children and the dog had a great time.

corris 1

corris 2


Visit to Uganda

On 8th October 2017 Rev'd. Kathleen will be going to Uganda to visit schools supported by the Northern Uganda Good Hope Foundation.

Parishoners from the Ministry Area have already donated some tea-towels and ladies handkerchiefs that Rev'd Kathleen will take with her. Other suppies for the schools and children can be bought while out in Uganda and in order to help raise the money for those supplies the collection from the Harvest Festival service and from the children's Harvest Festival service will be taken out to Uganda.

The Good Hope foundation also pays for and provides children at the schools with much needed meals.

If anyone would like to make a special donation for the children, cash and cheques can be given to Rev'd Kathleen or given at the collections for either of the Harvest Festival services.

The pictures below show some of the work carried out by the Good Hope foundation over the last 18 months. There is also a picture of the map of the schools in Uganda that Rev'd. Kathleen will be visiting. The full size version of the map can be seen in the parsih office at St. Peter's Church.Please ring first to make sure there is someone at the office.

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tn uganda01

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The Edward Morgan & National School Machynlleth Education Fund

Grants from the above fund are available for the benefit of persons of either sex, resident in the Parish of Machynlleth, under the age of 25 and are embarking on an education, career or apprenticeship.

The recipient or his or her parents must be members of the Church in Wales. Application forms are available from Mrs Gwenan Phillips, 56 Maengwyn Street, Machynlleth or the Reverend Kathleen Rogers.

Forms must be returned by Friday 31st August 2012.