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Missing People

Missing People offers a lifeline for the 250,000 people who go missing each year.

For those left behind, desperately searching for a loved one, they provide specialised support to ease the heartache and confusion and help in the search for their loved ones.

They provide free 24 hour confidential support, help and advice by phone, email, text and online. They give emotional support and practical guidance to anyone that needs their help.

Their vision is to find every missing person safe and their mission is to be a lifeline when someone disappears.

Missing People’s helpline number is 116 000, anyone can call anytime.

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Fortnighly Winter Gardening...


Join us to plant, weed and maintain
our town crops over the winter.

Every other Sunday:
1st Nov, 15th Nov, 29th Nov, 13th Dec,
(xmas break)
10th Jan, 24th Jan,7th Feb.


HotMeet at the Edible Table, Y Plas, 2pm.

All Welcome!


For more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: Dyfi Land Share

Supported by :

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An Apology

In the October Newsletter I described the Singh family of Aberangell as Hindu. Of course they are in fact Sikh. Many, many apologies for this.


Sponsored Organ Playing

Many thanks to all who supported our three organists on October 17th.
The total raised to date is £1203.62, this amount will significantly help with the day to day running of our Ministry Area.
Thank you very much for your generosity.

Refugees - A Poem

The harrowing images of refugees fleeing their war-torn countries, searching for peace and safety continue to be brought into our homes – our warm, neat, comfortable homes. Homes that these families once had, people they loved, jobs and businesses, food and shelter, school and healthcare, dignity and security. Now what do they have?  This adjacent poem brings it home to me.

The Songs of the Sinless

Hear the sad songs of the sinless
Call across the crystal sea,
Calling out for peace and safety
Calling out to you and me.
Can you hear their voices singing
Even from their ocean grave?
“We are lost but others follow
Others that you have to save!”
For we left our homes and country
Driven out by war and strife.
Driven out by men of evil
Men who cared not for our life.
So we left the land our fathers
Strove to make a better place;
As we fled our ancient homeland
Tears of sorrow stained our face.”
“All our worldly goods forsaken
Only hope – to that we clung.
Even that was taken from us
Now our final song is sung.
Shall our hopes for a bright future
Sink beneath the ocean blue?
Let our torch of hope and triumph
Pass instead from us to you!”

By Nigel Beeton