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Mawl Medi 2015


The annual Welsh-language Diocesan event will be held at the Cathedral on Sunday 13th September at 6pm.
It will take the form of a Gymanfa Ganu led by Cefin Roberts (Ysgol Glanaethwy) with items by Côr Aethwy (part of Côr Glanaethwy).


Ministry Area Outing to

Plas Newydd House & Gardens Anglesey
(afternoon tea/light refreshments available)
before enjoying


       A bus will leave Machynlleth with pick-up points onthe way.
Further information will be available in each Church nearer the date.
       Please join us to sing God’s praises in our Cathedral

Mawl Medi yn Y Gadeirlan 2015

Cynhelir  Mawl Medi eleni ar Nos Sul Medi 13eg am 6 o’r gloch.
Arweinydd y gân fydd Cefin Roberts (Ysgol Glanaethwy)
                         gydag eitemau gan Gôr Aethwy (rhan o Gôr Glanaethwy).

Gwibdaith yr Ardal Weinidogaeth
i dŷ a gerddi Plas Newydd Sir Fôn

(Bydd te pnawn/lluniaeth ysgafn ar gael)
cyn mwynhau Mawl Medi 2015

Bydd bws yn gadael Machynlleth gyda mannau codi ar y ffordd.
Ceir manylion pellach ymhob eglwys yn nes i’r dyddiad.
  Ymunwch â ni yn y Gadeirlan i ganu mawl i Dduw

Funday Wednesday 5th August 2015

Come and join in the fun!

tn fun 01


Another Fun Day

August 5th
Bryn y Gog
Volunteers needed
Watch out for Posters!

Strawberry Tea Saturday July 4th

Due to unforseen circumstances the above Strawberry Tea has postponed until further notice.

Mission to Seafarers

Collectors needed please for the Mission to Seafarers Flag Day on Wednesday 15th July on Maengwyn Street, Machynlleth.

Please contact Canon Kathleen if you have an hour to spare on that day