I never go forth to meet a new day
Without asking God as I kneel down to pray
To give me the strength and courage to be
As patient with others as He is with me!




Help me to live this day
Quietly, easily,To lean on thy great strength
Trustfully, restfully,To await the unfolding of Thy will
Patiently, joyously,To face tomorrow
Confidently, courageously.

By St Francis of Assisi


Some people don’t feel they can sing loudly in church, as they find keeping in tune difficult (if not impossible). This poem is dedicated to them.


Sing hosanna!

Praise the Lord in merry song,
Praise him, praise him all day long.
But what of me? I cannot sing –I have no melody to bring.
But in the Bible, joy of joys,
The Lord says: “Make a joyful noise!”


I don’t feel so bad now!!
Rev Kathleen