We hope that some of the prayers shown here may help you.




When you pray…

Words and wisdom of Jesus –

He doesn’t say, if or in case,

He says, when… you pray.

And we will.

From deep within,

Our spirit calls out to God,

Created to communicate with the Creator.

Cinemas can ban,

Statistics can suggest we won’t,

But Jesus says, when you pray...

Say, Our Father,

And when we do, he hears and answers

And pours out his love,


By Daphne Kitching

Dear Lord,

Sometimes the world is a worrying place, so many problems,

so much pain for so many.

We feel overwhelmed and don’t know which way to turn. 

Help us to turn the right way - to you Lord.

Help us to hand over to you our worries,

to exchange them for your peace in our hearts no matter what’s going on all around,

knowing that you walk with us through it all,

today, tomorrow and forever.

In Jesus name, Amen


By Daphne Kitching



I never go forth to meet a new day
Without asking God as I kneel down to pray
To give me the strength and courage to be
As patient with others as He is with me!




Help me to live this day
Quietly, easily,To lean on thy great strength
Trustfully, restfully,To await the unfolding of Thy will
Patiently, joyously,To face tomorrow
Confidently, courageously.

By St Francis of Assisi


Some people don’t feel they can sing loudly in church, as they find keeping in tune difficult (if not impossible). This poem is dedicated to them.


Sing hosanna!

Praise the Lord in merry song,
Praise him, praise him all day long.
But what of me? I cannot sing –I have no melody to bring.
But in the Bible, joy of joys,
The Lord says: “Make a joyful noise!”


I don’t feel so bad now!!
Rev Kathleen

Prayer of Easter Hope

Dear Father,

When we have lost someone we love, the world seems very dark. Sometimes we might feel that our world has ended, and it’s hard to turn round and glimpse any light ahead.
But you, Lord, know all about that, and you care.
You sent Jesus to overcome death and lead us into the light of his forgiveness and freedom - to new and eternal life.
Help us Lord, like Mary, to turn away from the darkness death wants to scare us with, and to reach out to you.
Help us to take courage, strength and confidence from the reality of Jesus’ resurrection.
He is alive and we are his. There is nothing to fear. All shall be well.


By Daphne Kitching


Prayer for February

Dear Lord, February can seem such a bleak, mid-winter month, often flavoured with ‘flu and bad weather. But actually, the days are lengthening. There are snowdrops and other signs of new life, if we look expectantly. Spring is beckoning. Open our eyes, Lord, to see the wonders of your creation, even in February. May we appreciate the rhythms of the seasons you designed for us, and rejoice in the hope you have given us in Jesus, who came to wonderfully re-create, to make all things new, by his death and resurrection. Thank you Father for life-signs in February – and thank you especially for the new life-sign of Jesus.

By Daphne Kitching