This section will be devoted to plans and information regarding restoration of churches and church buildings.



A very big thank you to everyone who volunteered to help with the cleaning of St. Peters after the painting had been finished. I hope that everyone appears in the photos (except Clive who took them).

The church is now looking wonderful.

tn WP 20160531 001

tn WP 20160531 002

tn WP 20160531 010

tn WP 20160531 011

tn WP 20160531 013

tn WP 20160531 016

tn WP 20160531 019

Here are some photos taken after the painting and cleaning of the Nave and Chancel.

tn 20160604 110759

tn 20160604 110944

tn 20160604 111002

tn 20160604 111019

tn 20160604 111031

Restoration - March 2016


A few morephotographs of the restoration. Taken by Rev. Kathleen in March.

mar resto 1

mar resto 2

mar resto 3

mar resto 4

mar resto 5

mar resto 6

mar resto 7

mar resto 8


A few more pictues of the restoration work at St. Peter's.

Taken by Rev. Kathleen taken Feb 2016.


feb resto 1

Windows waiting for glass.


feb resto 2

feb resto 3

Serving hatch in kitchen


feb resto 4

Pillars in beautiful oak.


feb resto 5

B.T trench for phones, gas and electricity.

Restoration - Nov 2015

Here are some more photos of the church restoration taken by Rev. Canon Kath Rogers.

The inside of the new kitchen area.

tn 01

Looking in to the kitchen from the main hall.

tn 02

The New stairs from the top.
tn 03

The windows that will overlook the body of the church.
tn 04

Looking out from the kitchen.
tn 05

The stairs from the bottom.
tn 06