This section will be devoted to plans and information regarding restoration of churches and church buildings.


Restoration May 2015


The building work is now behind schedule. One of the reasons is the wet rot that was found during the work. It is not expected that the restoration will be finished this year.

Here are some pictures of the extent of the wet rot that has been removed.

Pictures are taken by Rev. Kathleen.

tn wet rot1

tn wet rot2

tn wet rot3



Restoration April 2015

Here are some more photographs taken by Rev Canon Rogers. There are three showing the entrance to the work site, the temporary enterance to the church (including cat flap) and a view of the closed off work site from the front of the church. Since the last update, the builders have also discovered some wet rot which will have to be removed and treated.

There are 23 photographs, so scroll down the page to see them all.

tn IMG 0769

tn IMG 0770

tn IMG 0771

tn IMG 0772

tn IMG 0773

tn IMG 0774

tn IMG 0775

tn IMG 0776

tn IMG 0777

tn IMG 0778

tn IMG 0779

tn IMG 0780

tn IMG 0781

tn IMG 0782

tn IMG 0783

tn IMG 0784

tn IMG 0785

tn IMG 0786

tn IMG 0787

tn IMG 0788

tn IMG 0789

tn IMG 0790

tn IMG 0791


Pictures of the mezzanine floor being laid, as the builders move on swiftly.

tn IMG 0209

tn IMG 0210

tn IMG 0226


The two pictures below show that when the bell tower was built, it was not tied into the main building of the church. Although there was no movement, the structural engineer believes this made the cracks look worse than they were.

tn bell-tower-01

tn bell-tower-02


All photographs are courtesy of Mr Kenneth Searson.


A few pictures taken dring October/November.

tn floor1

The new floor (above the dumper)


tn floor2

The new floor from above. This floor enables the rest of the old plaster to be removed.


tn fire place

The old doorway to the bell tower found under the plaster


tn site meeting

A site meeting with the builder, architect, church wardens and Kath (the boss!)


As August rolls in to September and the restoration work continues, Kath asks "Where's my church gone?"