St. Peter's Church is sponsoring Mary 


St. Peter's Church is sponsoring Mary, a 5 year old Ugandan girl. Our sponsorship will continue throughout her education. We began the sponsorship in 2013 and we hope to have updates abour Mary's progress. Please check back regularly.


Sponsoring Mary

We have recieved a new letter and some photograhs from Mary.


mary 2016 01

mary 2016 02

mary 2016 03

mary 2016 04

mary 2016 05

mary 2016 06

mary 2016 07

mary 2016 08


Sponsoring Mary

There is quite a large update this time, with letters from World Vision and an airmail letter from Mary regarding the donation from the April Fund and the items bought with that money.

There are also three pictures of Mary and her friends with items that the donation bought.

Finally there is the flyer that Mary and her helper have completed. I have had to cut it into four sections for the individual sections to be large enough to be read.

Thank you everyone for you continued support for Mary, as you can see it makes a huge difference to the lives of the children in Uganda. If you wish to make any donations, please contact Rev Canon Kath Rogers at the address or telephone number on the contacts page.


Scan 20151112 3

Scan 20151112 2




mary flyer1

mary flyer2

mary flyer3

mary flyer4

Sponsor Mary Update - Oct 2015

We’ve received an update from our sponsored child, Mary, in Uganda with a photograph of her in the fields. Unfortunately the photo won’t reproduce in the magazine but you can see it on our web site ( ). Mary tells us – via a helper – that she likes going to pre-school where she likes playing the drums, drawing, singing and dancing. They’re traditional dance is called the “maganda”. She has done some drawings which can be seen on the web site.

I will be sending a Christmas card to Mary from us all this week so that it gets to her by Christmas – it has a long way to travel without the Royal Mail! It’s very difficult to send gifts as anything sent has to fit into an A5 size envelope so a little colouring book and some crayons will be our gift to her this Christmas.

Picture and drawing to appear later - sorry for the delay.


Pyjama Day

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen have been very busy fund raising for equipment for the play ground bought with some of the donations sent to our sponsored child Mary in Uganda. Canon Kathleen gave a short presentation at the primary and secondary campuses showing photographs of Mary, her family and school friends playing on the very dry and dusty “play ground”.  The only things the children have to play with is a football and a homemade netball net with nothing really suitable for the smaller children.

The children were more than willing to help raise the money to send to Mary and her friends and they’ve raised £545.75! That’s enough to buy some swings, tyres, a see saw and the money to pay to have them erected safely. What an achievement! Thank you to each and every one of the children and the teachers.

It takes a very long time for information to come from Uganda and Mary’s village but as soon as there is news and photographs Canon Kathleen will pass it on to the school.

Another link as been forged.

Canon Kathleen with children and teachers from the primary campus at their fund raising “pyjama day”.

pyjama day

March 2015

Thank you for sponsoring Mary

We are fortunate to have received an airmail letter and some pictures from Mary.

Here is the airmail letter with some of her drawings at the bottom.



Following are three pictures which were taken last year but have only just arrived.

The first is a picture of Mary and her Family, the second of Mary, her family and the school comittee and the third is of the land they hoped to buy for making into the school playground.

mary family 02

mary school comittee 01

mary playground site 03


The final six pictures are of Mary, her family and her friends.

mary 01

mary 02

mary 03

mary 04

mary 05

mary 06