A Letter from Mary - Feb 2015


We have received a letter from Mary following her birthday. The photocopy is not very good, so I have typed the content of the letter out as well. There are some pencil drawings just visible at the bottom of the letter.

My Dear Friends at
St Peter's Church

Hoping that you are all well. Me and my family are happily leaving (living) and they have all greeted.

I was very grateful for the birthday gifts you sent to me. I liked the all the ribbons as you put the in the card.

On my birthday we all went to church with all my family members from church, we got back home and lots of food and drinks. We prepared bananas, dried fish and cassava as we took millet flour for porridge. It was so good because it wqas my birthday. In the evening I went out with my friends for rope skipping.

How do you spend your birthdays.

With hope to heare from you all soon.

Written by helper Annet