We have received another letter fro Mary in Uganda. A copy is attached, but it isn't very clear as the writing is in light blue ink. Here is the text of the letter, followed by a scan of it.

Dear Reverend Kathleen and friends at St Peter's Church.
How are you all and your families? Let me hope that everything is going good there? It is shinning this way in our country pre paring land for ths coming season. Do you grow crops there? How many seasons do you have?

Thank you for the Christmas card and a nice bag myfriends are proud of your love and care given to me by you all. On my family and community at large whenever we pray, we pray for you may God protect you and gives mercy to you in whatever you are doing.
God bless you.
Nampewoo Mary

Written by Sarah a village ment.

You probably won't be able to make out three small pencil drawings by Mary.

mary letter