St. Peter's Church is sponsoring Mary 


St. Peter's Church is sponsoring Mary, a 5 year old Ugandan girl. Our sponsorship will continue throughout her education. We began the sponsorship in 2013 and we hope to have updates abour Mary's progress. Please check back regularly.


October 2013 - Sponsorship begins.

maryMary lives wjth her parents. She is not currently enrolled at school but education is one of the priorities of the sponsorship project.

Like children everywhere Mary loves to play when she has the chance and her favourite pastime is playing ball games, Mary also has to help out at home where her special job is fetching water.

Mary's community is located in Central Uganda, in a district where most people are subsistence farmers and grow crops which include maize, potatoes, cassava and pineapples. Some of their produce is sold but most farmers use the crops to help feed their families.  

Child Sponsorship will enable healthcare professionals to provide information and advice to communities about greater hygiene and sanitation, and also encourage the vaccination of children against prevencable diseases.

Thanks to Sponsorship, school management committees will be formed and teachers will be trained on improving their teaching skills. The communities will be fully involved in all the programme's activities, so that they will develop the knowledge and confidence they need to take the work forward when the project phases out in 2022.

More information about child sponsorship can be found at