St. Peter's Church is sponsoring Mary 


St. Peter's Church is sponsoring Mary, a 5 year old Ugandan girl. Our sponsorship will continue throughout her education. We began the sponsorship in 2013 and we hope to have updates abour Mary's progress. Please check back regularly.


Pyjama Day

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen have been very busy fund raising for equipment for the play ground bought with some of the donations sent to our sponsored child Mary in Uganda. Canon Kathleen gave a short presentation at the primary and secondary campuses showing photographs of Mary, her family and school friends playing on the very dry and dusty “play ground”.  The only things the children have to play with is a football and a homemade netball net with nothing really suitable for the smaller children.

The children were more than willing to help raise the money to send to Mary and her friends and they’ve raised £545.75! That’s enough to buy some swings, tyres, a see saw and the money to pay to have them erected safely. What an achievement! Thank you to each and every one of the children and the teachers.

It takes a very long time for information to come from Uganda and Mary’s village but as soon as there is news and photographs Canon Kathleen will pass it on to the school.

Another link as been forged.

Canon Kathleen with children and teachers from the primary campus at their fund raising “pyjama day”.

pyjama day

March 2015

Thank you for sponsoring Mary

We are fortunate to have received an airmail letter and some pictures from Mary.

Here is the airmail letter with some of her drawings at the bottom.



Following are three pictures which were taken last year but have only just arrived.

The first is a picture of Mary and her Family, the second of Mary, her family and the school comittee and the third is of the land they hoped to buy for making into the school playground.

mary family 02

mary school comittee 01

mary playground site 03


The final six pictures are of Mary, her family and her friends.

mary 01

mary 02

mary 03

mary 04

mary 05

mary 06


A Letter from Mary - Feb 2015


We have received a letter from Mary following her birthday. The photocopy is not very good, so I have typed the content of the letter out as well. There are some pencil drawings just visible at the bottom of the letter.

My Dear Friends at
St Peter's Church

Hoping that you are all well. Me and my family are happily leaving (living) and they have all greeted.

I was very grateful for the birthday gifts you sent to me. I liked the all the ribbons as you put the in the card.

On my birthday we all went to church with all my family members from church, we got back home and lots of food and drinks. We prepared bananas, dried fish and cassava as we took millet flour for porridge. It was so good because it wqas my birthday. In the evening I went out with my friends for rope skipping.

How do you spend your birthdays.

With hope to heare from you all soon.

Written by helper Annet




November 2014

We are pleased to share Mary's 2014 progressive report. I'm sure everyone will be pleased to see what she has been doing and what she wants for the future.





October 2013

A cheque for £1250 has been sent to World Vision for the extra support of our sponsored child, Mary, and her village in Uganda. This was the amount donated in memory of April Jones. We will hear, in due course, how the money has been spent. This may take a little time to organise but I will pass on all the information as soon as I have it. We are very grateful for people’s generosity.

Revd Kathleen