St. Peter's - Machynlleth

St Peter’s Church is situated in the centre of the town. A mediaeval Church on the site is mentioned in records of 1253 and 1291, there is evidence, especially from the air, of a circular boundary which is typical of medieval churches. The medieval church was a cruciform building which was lost during the considerable rebuilding in 1827.1

tn bell towerThe belfry was built onto the church in 1745 to house three bells. In 1892 three more bells were installed, given by Mrs Howells in memory of her husband David who was a solicitor in Machynlleth. The Howell family gave a further two bells in 1911 to commemorate the coronation of George V and Queen Mary. The bells of Machynlleth have celebrated and mourned events, both nationally and locally, for over 260 years. They are still rung by a small and dedicated group of ringers for all major events in St Peter’s, and by touring ringers from other parts of the country. Those wishing to learn the art of campanology are very warmly welcomed.

The stained glass windows are of particular interest and have been greatly admired by the numerous visitors to the Church and studied by those in the field of art and design.

The Walker organ, installed in 1876, is listed as being of historical importance. It is regularly maintained but is in need of an extensive overhaul.

The oldest part of the Church is the Baptistery; the font is believed to date from the 14th or 15th century. The Baptistery is rarely used today due to modern health and safety issues and its position makes it very difficult for the congregation to see the ceremony. A portable wooden font has been donated which can be moved to the Chancel steps for Baptisms.

smtn 3The Lady Chapel was dedicated to Mary Cornelia, Marchioness of Londonderry, in 1933. Her father, Sir John Edwards Bart (1770-1850) was buried beneath the Lady Chapel; his uncle, Dr Robert Edwards, was the rector of the parish until his death in 1789.

The graves of the Londonderry family are marked by marble monuments in the south eastern corner of the churchyard. The oldest marked grave dates back to 1740 and the occupations on the gravestones reflect the industries Machynlleth before the railways came to the area; tawers, curriers, corvisers of the tanning industry; weavers and flannel manufacturers of the woollen industry; ship’s carpenters and shipbuilders associated with the port of Derwenlas and smiths who provided the iron implements needed for agriculture.

St Peter’s is open daily from 9am-4pm and visitors are very warmly welcomed to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our church – a haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Sunday Services:

1st Sunday 

8am    Holy Eucharist

9.30am    Y Cymun Bendigaid

11am   Family Eucharist

2nd Sunda

8am   Holy Eucharist

9:30am   Boreol Weddi

11am   Holy Eucharist

3rd Sunday 

8am   Holy Eucharist

11am   Holy Eucharist

3pm  Gosber

4th Sunday 

8am   Holy Eucharist

9:30am   Y Cymun Bendigaid

11am   Holy Eucharist

5th Sunday 

8am   Holy Eucharist

10:30am   Bilingual Morning Prayer followed by coffee.

Wednesday mornings

10am Holy Eucharist.

Feast Days are celebrated at this service.

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