St. Tydecho - Cemaes

St. Tydecho's Curch Cemaes is nestled out of sight from the A470 road, behind old stone walls and huge yew trees. It sits towards the back of an ancient graveyard, at a bend in the river Dyfi. The entrance to the churchyard is through a lychgate, found in a small layby at the top end of the village.

The church’s situation makes it difficult to spot, but once found the visitor can enjoy an oasis of peace, and beautiful views of the surrounding woods and hills, whilst still being a moment from the busy community.

St Tydecho’s was built in the late Medieval period, but has been restored and enhanced over the centuries. The last overhaul of the interior took place in the early 20th century, and the beautiful stained-glass window picturing St Melangell dates from this time. The church is simple, but bright and cheerful. Unfortunately, we do not have the benefit of modern features such as toilets or kitchen (or indeed, running water) but these can be found a short walk along the street in our Church Room.

The church is dedicated to a Celtic saint of the 6th century, Tydecho, who came to Mid Wales via the sea, and up along the river, to settle in the Mawddwy district. People of the local area still share legends of the saint’s works- which included turning a stream to milk (the Llaethnant) to help the rural poor.

Today, bilingual services are held here at least twice a month- dates and times are posted on a noticeboard by the gate, as well as in the Bro Cyfeiliog A Mawddwy magazine, and on-line.

The local community also treasure the village church as a venue for weddings and funerals; we have a Messy Church session in the Church Room once a month; and this is where many other regular and seasonal events are also hosted by the village hall committee: From Creative Writing groups to Whist Drives; and Fairs based around arts and crafts, or plants; and Remembrance ceremonies, and Christmas parties.

In this way, St Tydecho’s is not only a beautiful, peaceful and historical building, but also a community of Christian people who play an active role in the modern life and development of the village.

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