St. Tydecho - Mallwyd

This church was founded in the 6th century by St Tydecho, and legends abound locally about his life. The church stands on a hillock near the village of Mallwyd and is situated on the boundary of two counties - Merionethshire and Montgomeryshire (now Gwynedd and Powys). It’s architecture combines two distinct elements of church construction - the stone churches of North Wales and the wooden churches of Powys.

Parts of the church are medieval but it was transformed in the 17th century when Dr John Davies arrived as a new rector in 1604. He was known in Wales as a man of letters; a linguist and a translator (he did considerable work translating the Welsh Bible of 1640). Dr Davies steered the work of transforming the building in various stages, and converted his church to what was appropriate to the Protestant mood of the times.

tn Mallwyd bw

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tn Mallwyd east window

tn Mallwyd window children