Walking with Clive - December 2017

Dear All.

As you will be aware there is no walk in December for two reasons. One I will be AWOL on that date and two, we normally suspend walking during the months of December and January due to inclement weather. Should the weather be kind in January we may perhaps be able to get a walk in, but will look at that possibility closer to the time. I would like through this page like to thank all of you who took part in the sponsored walk for “Children in Need” last month and those of you who gave generously for this worthy cause. I am so pleased to tell you that we raised the magnificent sum of £576, a big pat on the back to all.

I look so forward to our walks each month and encourage anyone who hasn’t been out with the Plodders to join us. Not only is it good company but:

Movement is good. We all have two legs, which means he should stand on them and not be sitting all day. So walking is good . Also when one walks, the bones improve. You breathe in more air and in general, help the system work.

Because you are exercising your body by being mobile and getting blood circulating; you are also breathing in more oxygen. Your blood pressure is lowered and your cholesterol levels as a result, it also keeps your fit and makes you feel better because of certain chemicals that are released from your brain which helps improve your mood.


But I don’t have to tell the Plodders, they are already out there.