Walking with Clive

Walking with Clive, or St. Peter's Plodders (as it is commonly known) is a great way to stay fit and socialise with others in the community.

Whenever possible we will include the next route in plenty of time for you get your boots polished.

Clive gives details of the route including the length so that you know if it's a quite stroll, and energetic ramble, or full out mountain climbing.

The photographs are from the previous months walk.

Oh, did we forget to mention, there's often chips at the end of the walk!!!



Walking with Clive - December 2017

Dear All.

As you will be aware there is no walk in December for two reasons. One I will be AWOL on that date and two, we normally suspend walking during the months of December and January due to inclement weather. Should the weather be kind in January we may perhaps be able to get a walk in, but will look at that possibility closer to the time. I would like through this page like to thank all of you who took part in the sponsored walk for “Children in Need” last month and those of you who gave generously for this worthy cause. I am so pleased to tell you that we raised the magnificent sum of £576, a big pat on the back to all.

I look so forward to our walks each month and encourage anyone who hasn’t been out with the Plodders to join us. Not only is it good company but:

Movement is good. We all have two legs, which means he should stand on them and not be sitting all day. So walking is good . Also when one walks, the bones improve. You breathe in more air and in general, help the system work.

Because you are exercising your body by being mobile and getting blood circulating; you are also breathing in more oxygen. Your blood pressure is lowered and your cholesterol levels as a result, it also keeps your fit and makes you feel better because of certain chemicals that are released from your brain which helps improve your mood.


But I don’t have to tell the Plodders, they are already out there.


Darowen - Abercegir Circular. Sat 11th (5 miles)

Meet at St Peter’s at 9:30 am, we will then travel to Darowen and park by the Church. The walk is along lonely tarmac roads with wonderful views across the valley to Dylife. Please bring packed lunch if you like, but I suggest we repair to Maengwyn Cafe on our return and finish off our walk with refreshments.

~~~ Last Month ~~~

Last months walk was our visit to Portmeirion, starting from the station we walked “the Cob” following the Highland Railway track to the back of Portmeirion and eventually into the car park. At
this point, Ken bid us all farewell and carried on walking as he had his daughters dog for the day, which wasn’t allowed in. We all went our separate ways inside and enjoyed the various sights
and walks. We then all met at the entrance later and walked down to Minffordd station for our return journey home.



Portmadoc to Portmeirion.
Saturday 14th October

Unfortunately our September walk was cancelled because of bad weather, but never mind, you’ll now be raring to go for our October walk.

We shall be catching the 8:53 train to Portmadoc then walking the costal path to Portmeirion (approx 1.5 miles easy walking) We shall be entering Portmeirion (£10) around mid-day were you will be able to make your way around at your own pace.

We need to leave at 3:00 pm then walk down to the main line station at Minffordd  (approx 1 mile) catching the 16:05 home arriving at 17:55 in Machynlleth.

There are several places to eat in Portmeirion and loads of walks at differing distances, there is even a little train that takes you around the estate (free of charge).


Darowen (5 miles) Saturday 9th September.

I had planned our September walk up and around Portmeirion, but alas it’s closed on the 9th due to a Music Festival, so it will now be our October Walk with the added bonus of free travel up the Cambrian Coast. As a consequence and with all the recent wet weather we will be walking locally and on hard surface. It is a walk we have done previously in, would you believe it May 2014 . Tempus Fugit. How time flies

Meeting outside St Peter’s Church at 09:30, we shall be driving to Darowen where we park and commence our circular walk following the streams of Cegir and Gwydol with stunning views over the Dyfi Valley.

Lifts available and a packed lunch required.

~~~ August Walk ~~~

Our August walk in and around Welshpool and Powys Castle was a delight. Taking in the town itself, the grounds leading up to the castle and then of course the castle and gardens themselves. The
return to Welshpool was along the Mongomeryshire Canal and back to the station I think our merry band enjoyed it.

august walk


Saturday 12th August Welshpool - Powys Castle. 4 Miles.

Catching the 10:08 am train to Welshpool we shall be walking one of the “Weatherman Walking” routes through the town and on to Powys Castle were we shall spend some time before returning to Welshpool via the canal.

There is a cafe in Powys Castle, alternatively bring a packed lunch.


There was no walk in July as volunteers were requested to help clearing the churchyard at St. Peter's.

“All hands on deck” was the cry at St Peter’s on a Saturday in July when a crowd of able-bodied men and women started the clearing of the churchyard. It was a busy day – there was a lot of overgrowth to clear!

A huge “Thank you” to all who gave their time and energy to the clearing and to the ladies who also supplied the much appreciated refreshments.

We shall be finishing off the good work on Saturday 19th August commencing at 9:30 am. If your able to join us we would be most grateful, and of course refreshments will be on hand.